Would You Rather Be Smarter Or Hotter Than Your Partner? It Depends On If You’re A Man Or A Woman

Men love to joke that women can be difficult to understand, and women think it’s so easy. The truth is that there are individual differences between the two sexes, and this is an advantage in our relationships.
When weeding out a potential partner, there are various factors that determine whether we are interested in taking things forward. But what may not surprise you is that men and women look for different qualities or value different things more. There are few studies that focus on these preferences, and they just go to show that there are fundamental differences between men and women.

Would You Rather Be Smarter Or Hotter Than Your Partner? It Depends On If You're A Man Or A Woman
Would You Rather Be Smarter Or Hotter Than Your Partner? It Depends On If You’re A Man Or A Woman

We’re just wired differently, and in my opinion, this can make a relationship more fulfilling and balanced.

We all want to be attracted to our partners

Is love really blind? It turns out that the answer is no. Be it a man or a woman, both want a natural attraction towards the person with whom we are in a relationship. In a study conducted by Columbia University, 392 men and women were invited to participate in a speed dating event for singles. During the event, each person rated the attractiveness, ambition, and intelligence of the people they met on a 1-to-10 scale, and decided whether they wanted to exchange contact information to potentially see someone again. Huh .

The researchers found that both men and women placed major importance on attractiveness of the opposite sex. For men, a 1-point increase in a woman’s attractiveness rating increased the likelihood that he would see the woman again by an average of 14%, compared to 12% for women.

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Men value attractiveness more than intelligence in a partner
What was interesting about this study was that the men who participated indicated that it was more important that a woman be attractive than super intelligent. This is not to say that there was no desire for intelligence in a partner, but rather that men did not consider intelligence to be more important to them than beauty and attractiveness.

The study showed that the importance of intelligence was higher regarding women matching their intelligence, and there was a negative reaction when a woman surpassed a man’s intelligence. Another study from the University of Chicago corroborates this finding, as it showed that when women earn more than their husbands, they are more likely to divorce and have lower marital satisfaction. So, what can we conclude from this? Men want to be providers and protectors, so when women outshine them (as is usually the case when they are more intelligent), they feel less in charge and disengaged.

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The Columbia researchers also found that women care about twice as much as men about intelligence. For men, an increase in a woman’s intelligence increased their chances of meeting again by 2.3 percentage points, but for women, it was 4.5%. It seems that women prefer a man who has substance and knowledge over a man who is simply attractive.

Although women rated intelligence as slightly more important, men still found value in sharing a lasting relationship with someone who matched their intelligence. In 2019, this was further researched with an Australian study. The study concluded, “For men, women who were less intelligent than themselves were more desirable for short-term relationships than for long-term relationships—suggesting that straight guys matter when it comes to getting serious with someone.” Prioritize. Women preferred men who were as smart or smarter than themselves for long-term relationships.”

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Females can be pickier than males

Studies have found that, across the board, men are consistent in their preferences, no matter how large the dating pool. But for women, the more potential mates they had as a choice, the pickier they became. Studies have shown that men have a better chance of getting another date when women have fewer men to choose from. There’s a stigma that men are the ones who have a hard time, but are women that much different?

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closing thoughts

Are men and women really all that different? Well yes. But the good news is that both sexes find the same qualities important in a relationship, although to different levels. It takes two to tango a relationship, so the lesson is that putting in effort externally and internally is what makes the difference in dating.

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