What Are Some Common Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship and an Unhealthy Relationship

Respect for Both Self and Others is a Key Feature of Healthy Relationships. Conversely, in Unhealthy Relationships, One Partner Tries to Exert Control and Authority Over the Other Physically, Sexually, and/or Emotionally.

Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships Share Certain Characteristics That Teenagers Should Be Taught to Expect. They Include:

Mutual Respect Respect Means That Each Person Values the Other Person and Understands the Other Person’s Limitations.

Confidence Partners Must Trust Each Other and Give Each Other the Benefit of the Doubt.
Honesty Builds Trust and Strengthens Relationships.
Compromise in a Dating Relationship, Each Partner Doesn’t Always Get Their Way. Everyone Should Accept Different Points of View and Be Willing to Give and Take.

What Are Some Common Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship and an Unhealthy Relationship

Personality. No Partner Should Have to Compromise Who She is, and Her Identity Should Not Be Based on a Partner. Everyone Should Keep Meeting Their Friends and Do What They Enjoy. Everyone Should Be Supportive of Their Partner Who Wants to Take Up a New Hobby or Make New Friends.
Nice Conversation Each Partner Should Speak Honestly and Openly to Avoid Miscommunication. If One Person Wants to Sort Out Their Feelings First, the Other Partner Should Respect Those Wishes and Wait Until He or She is Ready to Talk.

Control on Anger. We All Get Angry, but How We Express It Can Affect Our Relationships With Others. Anger Can Be Handled in Healthy Ways Like Taking Deep Breaths, Counting to Ten or Letting It Out.

Battle Fair. Everyone Argues at Some Point, but Those Who Are Fair, Stay on Topic and Avoid Insults Are More Likely to Come Up With a Viable Solution. If the Discussion Gets Too Heated, the Partners Should Take a Short Break From Each Other.

Problem Solving. Dating Partners Can Learn to Solve Problems and Identify New Solutions by Breaking the Problem Down Into Smaller Parts or Talking the Situation Through. Understanding Each Partner Should Take the Time to Understand What the Other is Feeling.

Self-confidence. When Dating Partners Are Confident in Themselves, It Can Help in Their Relationships With Others. This Shows That They Are Calm and Relaxed and Allow Others to Express Their Opinions Without Imposing themselves on Them.

Being a Role Model. By Embodying the Meaning of Respect, Partners Can Inspire Each Other, Friends, and Even Family to Behave in a Respectful Manner.

Healthy Sex. Dating Partners Engage in a Sexual Relationship With Which Both Are Comfortable, and Neither Partner Feels Pressured or Coerced to Engage in Sexual Activity That is Outside Their Comfort Zone or Without Consent.

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Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships Are Marked by Characteristics Such as Disrespect and Control. It is Important for Young People to Recognize the Signs of Unhealthy Relationships Before They Are Older. Some Characteristics of Unhealthy Relationships Include:

Silhouette, Relationship, Conflict

Control One Dating Partner Makes All the Decisions and Tells the Other What to Do, What to Wear or Who to Spend Time With. He is Unnecessarily Jealous, and/or Tries to Isolate the Other Partner From Their Friends and Family.
Hostility One Dating Partner Fights or Antagonizes Another Dating Partner. This Can Cause One Dating Partner to Change Their Behavior to Avoid Upsetting the Other.
Dishonesty One Dating Partner Lies or Hides Information From the Other. One Dating Partner Steals From the Other.
Disrespect is When a Dating Partner Mocks the Other Partner’s Ideas and Interests or Destroys Something Owned by the Partner.
Dependency a Dating Partner Feels They “Can’t Live” Without the Other. He May Threaten to Do Something Drastic if the Relationship Ends.
Intimidation a Dating Partner Tries to Control Aspects of the Other’s Life by Making the Other Partner Feel Intimidated or Cowed. A Dating Partner May Try to Keep Their Partner Away From Friends and Family or Threaten Violence or Breakup.
Physical Violence. One Partner Uses Force (Such as Hitting, Slapping, Grabbing, or Pushing) to Get Their Way.
Sexual Violence. A Dating Partner Pressures or Forces the Other Into Sexual Activity Against Their Will or Without Consent.

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Characteristics of an Unhealthy Relationship


Healthy Relationships Often Allow Both Partners to Grow and Become the Best Versions of Themselves. This is Usually Possible Because They Are Both Intentional About Building a Relationship Despite Challenges and Conflicts.

However, Relationships Can Be Unbearable for Some Individuals. Such Relationships Can Make the Parties Involved Unhappy and Unproductive. Unhealthy Relationships Can Negatively Affect Your Health, Well-being, and Happiness.

In This Article, We’ll Identify the Characteristics of an Unhealthy Relationship and Offer Some Solutions on What to Do if You Find Yourself in One.

What Does Unhealthy Relationship Mean?

An Unhealthy Relationship Involves Repetitive Behaviors, Habits, or Activities That Make the Union Unbearable for Either Spouse. Generally, in an Unhealthy Relationship, One Party May Be More Invested Than the Other. Additionally, an Unhealthy Relationship is One Where One Partner Willfully Refuses to Make the Relationship Work.

To Understand Unhealthy Relationships, Check Out This Research Study by Prince Chiagoji Ekoh and Other Authors Titled Between Unhealthy Romantic Relationships as It Sheds More Light on the Different Characteristics of Unhealthy Romantic Unions.

1. Control

One of the Characteristics of an Unhealthy Relationship is to Look for Control. This Occurs When One Partner Exerts Influence and Control Over the Activities of His or Her Spouse. For Example, They Can Decide Who to Hang Out With, Interact With on Their Social Media Platforms, Etc.

Furthermore, Such Mates May Decide Who Becomes Their Mate and May Even Choose Certain Members of Their Family to Interact With. When You Find That Your Partner Controls Every Aspect of Your Life, You Are in an Unhealthy Relationship.


2. Physical Abuse

When One Partner Takes Pleasure in Physically Abusing Their Spouse, You Can Be Sure That It is One of the Signs of a Bad Relationship. However, Genuine Love and Care for Your Partner Will Ensure That No Harm Comes to Them.

However, if One Partner Continues to Cause Harm and Later Apologizes While Reaffirming Their Love, This is an Unhealthy Relationship. Physical Abuse is, Without Change, a Sign of a Dangerous Marriage, Not Just an Unhealthy One.

3. Emotional Abuse

One of the Underlying Characteristics of an Unhealthy Relationship is Emotional Abuse. This Includes Characteristics Such as Gaslighting, Guilt-tripping, Petty Pain and Fear, Unrealistic Expectations, Blaming You for Your Problems, Etc.

Partners Who Exhibit Emotional Abuse Usually Make Their Spouse Feel Like They Cannot Live Without Them. So They Take Measures to Ensure That Their Partner Keeps Coming Back to Them and to the Exclusion of Everyone Else in Their Life.

4. Dishonesty

When Partners Withhold Information or Lie to Each Other, It is a Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship. This Means That They Do Not Value Each Other Enough to Tell Them the Truth or to Let Them Know What is Going on in Their Personal Lives.

If You Love and Respect Your Partner, You Will Not Hide Anything From Him Regardless of the Consequences.


5. Disrespect

The Hallmark of a Healthy Relationship is Respect. It is When You Accept Your Partner for Who They Are. So, Even if They Don’t Agree With You or Vice Versa, You Respect Their Feelings and Emotions.

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When They Complain to You About Something, You Don’t Ignore Their Feelings Because You Respect Them. However, if Our Partner Doesn’t Recognize Your Importance and Individuality, It Means They Don’t Respect You, Which is a Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship.


6. Sexual Violence

When a Partner is Forced to Have Sex With Her Husband Against His Consent, It is a Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship. It Just Means That Your Partner Doesn’t Value Your Body and Will Do Anything to Get His Point Across to You.

Also, When It Comes to Sex in a Relationship, It Should Be With Consent. However, When One Party Continues to Coerce the Other Person Against Their Will, It is a Violation of Their Rights, and a Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship.

7. Manipulation

If You Are Dating Someone Who Keeps on Employing You to Get What They Want, Then This is a Sign of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Manipulation Can Take Many Forms, but the Result is That You Will Continue to Do What They Want Against Your Will. So When You Notice That This is a Regular Feature in Your Relationship, You Should Tread Carefully Because You Are in an Unhealthy Union.

8. Loneliness

Have You Found That Your Partner Determines the Type of People You Hang Out With? If You’re Around People Your Partner Doesn’t Approve of, They’ll Be Resentful. When You See Similar Symptoms to This, It is One of the Examples of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Your Partner May Go to the Extent of Isolating You From Your Near and Dear Ones, Thus Depriving You of Individuality. Being Isolated From the People You Care About Can Affect Your Emotional Health in the Long Run.

9. No Limit

Partners in Healthy Relationships Have Boundaries That Help Keep Them in Control. These Boundaries Include Respecting Your Partner’s Feelings, Personality, Expression of Ideas, Personal Space, Etc.

Although a Relationship Can Thrive When All Parties Are Intentionally Involved, Boundaries Should Be Established to Foster Mutual Respect and Understanding. Without Boundaries, the Relationship Can Deteriorate, and the Parties May Have No Interest in Making Things Work.

10. Lack of Confidence

If Partners Do Not Trust Each Other, It is a Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship. Partners Must Establish Trust and Give Each Other the Benefit of the Doubt. When One Partner Feels They Cannot Be Trusted, It Can Discourage Their Involvement in the Relationship.

A Happy and Healthy Relationship Thrives on Trust Because It Builds Loyalty in the Long Run. An Unhealthy Relationship is Always Full of Suspicion Because Either Party May Assume Different Things About Their Partner When They Are Not True.

11. Unnecessary Expectations

The Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship is When You Always Expect Too Much From Your Partner. You Have Neglected Their Individuality and Set High Standards for Them. Unfortunately, It Also Means That You Have Decided to Focus Only on Their Strengths and Ignore Their Weaknesses.

To Avoid Spoiling Your Relationship, Avoid Setting High Expectations That Will Be Difficult for Your Partner to Meet.

If You Want Your Partner to Do Something Then You Can Talk to Them Lovingly and See if They Are Ready for It or Not. However, It is Important Not to Assume That Your Partner Will Live Up to All Your Expectations.

12. No Purpose in the Relationship

Every Relationship Comes With Its Own Goals and Perspective. Many Relationship Experts Recommend That You Date Someone Whose Goals Match Yours Because It Makes It Easier to Pursue Goals That Way.

However, When You Find That the Relationship is Not Moving in a Purposeful Direction, You May Need to Reconsider It as It is Not Healthy. This Means That You and Your Partner Are Not Working Towards Anything That Will Change the Lives of You and the People Around You.

A Relationship Without Purpose Can Make Either Partner Less Committed Because Nothing Motivates Them to Continue.

13. Poor Communication

If You Are in a Relationship, One Habit That You Must Maintain is Good Communication. It is Important to Communicate With Your Partner About Everything Related to You and the Relationship. If Communication is Poor, Misunderstandings and Assumptions Will Arise.

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In Addition, There Will Be Regular Criticism and Conflict When Both Parties Do Not Understand Each Other. The Relationship Becomes Less Interesting in the Long Run Because Lack of Communication Can Make the Union Unhealthy.

14. Competition

Some Partners in Relationships Prefer to Compete With Each Other Rather Than Cooperate. When You Compete With Your Partner It Becomes Unhealthy Because You Forget to Focus on the Health of Your Relationship.

You Can Do Better Than Your Partner in Many Cases. Everything Your Partner Does Can Seem Like a Threat in an Unhealthy Relationship. In the Long Run, You May Find That You Don’t Want the Best for Your Partner, Which Can Ruin the Relationship.

One Fact About Unhealthy Relationships is That, When Competition is Part of the Picture, It Can Cause You to View Your Partner as a Competitor, and Your Ultimate Goal Will Be to Surpass Them.

15. Fraud

When Cheating Becomes a Regular Feature in a Relationship and the Abuser Refuses to Kick the Habit, the Relationship Begins to Deteriorate.

Rampant Cheating is Different When Your Partner Cheats on You and Promises to Stop Doing So. If They Keep Their Word, It Means They Are Deliberately Thinking About Rekindling the Relationship.

However, if They Go Back on Their Word and Continue to Cheat, Then It is an Unhealthy Relationship Because They Do Not Value Your Presence as Their Partner. You Can Keep on Forgiving Them, and They Will Keep on With Their Habit Because They Don’t Respect You.

16. Passion

If You’re Wondering What an Unhealthy Relationship Looks Like, One Sign to Watch Out for is Obsessive Behavior. When Your Feelings for Your Partner Reach the Point Where You Become Obsessed With Them, the Relationship is Doomed.

Obsession is that overwhelming feeling that shows that your world revolves around your partner. You love them for a fact; however, the sense of obligation you have towards them is intense. Therefore, you are likely to lose your individuality because of them.

17. Lack of Emotional Intimacy

When Emotional Intimacy is Missing in a Relationship, It is Difficult for Partners to Commit to Each Other. Beyond the Sexual or Romantic Intimacy That is Important to a Relationship, Couples Need to Bond With Each Other Emotionally. When Faced With a Challenge, They Usually Like Knowing That Their Partner Will Always Be Emotionally Available for Them.


18. Evil/Suffering

One of the Factors Spoiling the Relationship is Incompetence. This Happens When the Partners Are Not Ready to Forgive Each Other and Let Go of the Hurt or Pain Caused by Their Spouse. When Partners Are Abusive, Neither of Them Can Feel Safe or Close to Each Other.


19. Lack of Physical Affection

Physical Affection Indicates a Healthy Relationship Where Both Partners Are Satisfied. However, One Hallmark of an Unhealthy Relationship is When There is Little Physical Affection. It May Mean That the Partners Have Drifted Apart, and Are No Longer Intentional About the Relationship.

20. Persistent Jealousy and Insecurity

When Jealousy Occurs in a Relationship, It Can Be an Unhealthy Symptom, as the Union May Not Last. Jealousy is Often Caused by Low Self-esteem and Lack of Self-esteem. This Happens When Partners Constantly Project Their Fears Because Their Spouse is Doing Better Than Them.

The Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship Have Some Unpleasant Effects. In Tricia Orzek’s Research Journal Titled the Effects of Traumatic and Abusive Relationships, You’ll Learn More About What It’s Like to Experience a Traumatic Relationship.

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