Relationship Red Flags To Watch for, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Have you ever been in a perfect relationship when you were blinded by a red flag that you never saw (or were denied)? Chances are there were warning signs, but you didn’t recognize them at the time. This is where astrology comes in. If you know the possible red flags to see ahead of time, you will be less likely to ignore or ignore them.

While some zodiac signs hate more than others (cough, cough, Scorpio, and Gemini), it’s not black and white. Each sign has really good and bad personality traits, and each has its own red flags. And being aware of those red flags can help you work through them and develop a healthy relationship. Or if your partner refuses to change, it can tell you when to run away. Plus, it’s not always the other person – you can be one in a relationship with red flags, so you should also know the dark side of your sign.

Zodiac compatibility is more than just your Sun sign, so it is also important to understand the red flag of the Venus sign of you or your significant other because it is the planet of love. And it doesn’t hurt to check out your big three because these are the basic components of your personality.

We have divided the red flags below according to the amount—including how to handle them.

Red Flags By Zodiac Sign

Aries: Struggles Controlling Their Emotions

Aries gets angry very quickly and can easily flare up in an instant. They are always on edge and ready to argue about anything, even deciding what to eat for dinner. If their anger goes unchecked, you may feel like you’re constantly arguing or running over eggshells to avoid locking them up. Instead of yelling at them, calmly explain your point of view – making both of you angry doesn’t help anyone. It is very difficult to yell when a person is calm and restrained.

Taurus: stubborn

Taurus is represented by bulls because they are very harsh in nature. They will dig their heels, which is a big problem when dating a Taurus because all relationships require some level of agreement. If you find that you’re always running with them to avoid a pointless argument (because they won’t back down), it’s time to make changes. Try to help them understand that a relationship cannot be one-sided and that they must be a little more flexible.

Gemini: Gossip

Geminis are talkative, so get caught up in gossip. While some gossip is harmless, such as discussing the latest Vanderpump Rules play, it can develop into talking behind others ‘ backs. After all, the classic Gemini stereotype is that they are two-faced. And if they are doing you evil about their friends, chances are they are doing the same behind your back. One way to deal with this is to not get involved when they start gossiping. If you stop talking to them about this, they will eventually get the hint. Or be more direct about it and tell them you don’t want to talk about other people.

Cancer: defensiveness

Cancer is represented by crabs because they have a hard outer shell. Cancers are usually considered kind and caring – and they are, but only once you get to know them. They can be awkward around people they don’t know or feel comfortable around. Or if you say something they don’t like, they may close by themselves. Try to discuss things in an argument instead of forbidding them to immediately go into defensive mode and talk about it.

Leo: excessive autism

Leos are known to love spotlights, but sometimes they can let it get too much on their heads. You may notice that they always put their needs and interests before others or just want to talk about their problems. They may need constant verification and fish for compliments. The reality is that while Lions may be vain or self-indulgent, this is usually a mask for their insecurity. There is a difference between a person who is really arrogant and who is only trying to hide his perceived flaws. Help them recognize their strengths so they don’t feel so insecure.

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Virgo: incredible criteria

Virgos are perfectionists, a useful trait in many situations, such as at work or school. But sometimes, Virgos get carried away and can set their standards so high that it becomes practically impossible to reach them—both for themselves and for others. Nothing and no one can ever be enough to meet their expectations. They can break up with someone on small, trivial issues because they want their partner to be perfect. When it comes to things like cooking or organizing, learn to appreciate their eyes for detail, but teach them that in other aspects of life, they have to meet you halfway.

Libra: serial dating

Libras always want a partner, so they are often serial daters. They jump straight from one relationship to another. Of course, no one wants to be just rebound, but the biggest problem is that Libras do not learn to be alone if they are constantly in a couple. If you’re dating Libra, try slowing it down. Ask about their dating history quickly to understand if they really want to date you or if they will settle down with someone because they want to get into another relationship.

Scorpio: secret

Scorpios are mysterious, which makes them attractive for dates and fans. As a water sign, they are very emotional, but they keep their emotions deeply suppressed. So while they can intrigue you and attract you to you, you will have a much harder time trying to get to know them. Take small steps to slowly reveal yourself to them. If you go directly to their deep fears and desires, they will immediately stop. Once they open up, Scorpios are among your most loyal partners.

Sagittarius: very impulsive

Sagittarius people are very fun, but they don’t always think about things. They are always looking for the next adventure and are great at big-picture things – like choosing which country you should go to – but they leave the necessary details, like actually booking a hotel. For example, they can spend lots of money on something that cannot be refunded. Their feelings can cause problems if you like to plan. Enjoy their spontaneity and positivity, but take planning into your own hands for big events like a week off.

Capricorn: all work and no games

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “All the work and no drama makes Jack a dull boy” – well, the saying was definitely about Capricorns. Getting Capricorn to relax can be almost impossible. Even on vacation, you’ll catch them checking their email or Slack. But one thing that Capricorns love more than work is a schedule, so help them plan some specific time when they have to turn off the phone or computer and do something just for fun. For example, block time for a dinner date on their calendar or watch your favorite show.

Aquarius: are quite logical

Being rational is certainly not a bad thing, but Aquarius can reach the point where they are so intellectual that they cannot reach their feelings. They may have difficulty expressing themselves or not knowing how to react when you tell them how you feel. You may have difficulty reading them or knowing what they are thinking because they may appear distant. Try to open them slowly. You should also understand that even if they don’t seem very affectionate, they can show how they feel in other ways, such as by teaching you about their interests.

Pisces: overly idealistic

Pisces are dreamers, who can sometimes take them over their heads. They may have such an idealistic picture of how they want their relationship to be that reality will not be able to disappoint them. Pisces people imagine that their life will be like a Disney movie where everything ends happily. Or they may be so tempted to dream that they never act. Learn to appreciate the imagination and creativity of Pisces as well as try to land them.

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