How to Have a Secret Relationship With Someone: 15 Steps

Keeping a relationship a secret can be difficult, but by exercising discretion and carefully planning your public conversation, you and your partner can keep your situation hidden from colleagues, friends, family, or other people in general. There are many reasons to choose a secret relationship with someone. Your office may not allow coworkers to be together, or your family may not accept your partner. Or you can just be a private person. Whatever the reason, maintaining this secret will require devotion and prudence, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner will have to sacrifice any intimacy.


Keeping a Relationship Secret at the Office

1। Keep any kind of intimacy away from work. The office is never a hot and steamy place for anyone. Getting caught is very easy, and in many offices, this will be a reason to evict you. Keep your romance away from the office.[1]
Although some offices will fire you, other companies will transfer one of you to another department, suspend you, or place a formal negative mark on your record.

  1. Do not exclude others. That is, when you decide to have lunch, at least occasionally invite others. People will notice if you are always going and coming back together, and if you do not involve other colleagues on occasion, they may start talking.

3 . Do not plan holidays together. While it may seem fun to stay away together, if you constantly go on vacation at the same time, people may start thinking about your relationship. If you want to keep your relationship a secret, postpone your vacation.

4। Stay away from social media. Of course, if you have work friends on social media, you won’t be fooled enough to change your relationship status to “in a relationship”. However, it is also a good idea to keep photos of the two of you away from social media; if your colleagues constantly see you together on social media, they may be suspicious.
Remember, once you post something, even if it’s only for your friends, it can easily become public if someone else posts it themselves.

5। Take advantage of opportunities, but be discreet. If you find yourself alone at the end of the day with your boyfriend, take the opportunity. Go out and have dinner. Spend the evening together. Just be sure to plan ahead by changing clothes for the next morning.

6 be honest. If someone talks to you about the relationship, it’s time to confess, at least if your guilt won’t have very terrible consequences. Once a person is asking, more people probably already suspect that you are in a relationship. Just come clean.

Keeping relationships hidden from friends and family

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Discuss this with your partner. When you are going to deliberately hide a relationship, your boyfriend or girlfriend should engage in that conversation. Otherwise, he may feel that you are ashamed of him. Discuss the reasons why you want to keep it a secret by being open about your feelings.
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Understand that whatever the reason, your partner may be offended. People hide relationships for all kinds of reasons, from being of different religious backgrounds to having significant age differences. Of course, you may also want to have a relationship, which is another type of secret relationship. Most of the time, however, people don’t want to keep hidden, so you can put on some feathers if you suggest this.

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Set a deadline. At some point you will not be able to keep your relationship a secret. You and your partner should be in control when the news arrives. Therefore, make an agreement about when you will give that information. This can be a specific amount of time, such as 3 months, or a certain number of dates, such as 8. Most importantly, you both agree.
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Stay away from social media. Just as with a romantic work relationship, if you want to keep a romantic relationship secret from your friends and family, keep photos of the two of you together from social media. Also, of course, you do not want to change your relationship status. [8]
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Delete your communications. If you are around family members who will be periodically looking at your phone or other communication devices, removing any communication from that person is important. Delete your partner’s text messages, instant messages, phone calls, and voice messages as quickly as possible on your phone, tablet, and computer.[9]
An alternative to this step is to buy a cheap phone specifically for your secret relationship, although it is more difficult to live with two phones.
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Have a separate email account. If someone has access to your email account, you may need to receive another email to hide your relationship. Choose a different service than the one you normally use, and try using a different name so it doesn’t link to you.

7 clear your browser history. If you are visiting sites that may be suspicious, even if it is only a fancy restaurant, you must clear your browser history after completing the computer work. Of course, you only have to clear it if you are using a shared computer, but staying safe is best if you are trying to keep a relationship secret.
Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, have a feature that lets you browse what you do without being tracked by the computer. However, if your browser doesn’t have that feature, you can easily clear history and cookies when it ends with each session located under the main menu and History section.

8 use a different credit card. If you shared the bill with another person, use a different credit card when you go out with your new fling. Otherwise, pay cash if you can. Otherwise, family members may wonder at the accusations.
If your family members see your wallet, it’s best to keep this card a secret somewhere.

Go to 9 well-informed places. That is, you know where many of your friends and family hang out. Try to avoid any places where you can meet them. If necessary, drive into a suburb a little out of town, so you don’t meet people you know.
A perfect romantic getaway is a place where you can both give your undivided attention to each other without worry.

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