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#How To Make for Better Relationship Goals For Couples in 2023

I see all of your goal achievers – you’re setting goals for your career and your finances and you’re making affirmations for your mental and physical health. I am proud of you! So while you are at it why not set your intentions for your love life? A new year is a perfect opportunity to think about what you and your partner want the next 12 months of your relationship to look like.

So whether you want to talk through relationship resolutions together or make personal goals to be a more attentive partner, we’re sharing 15 ideas that can help you start the new year full of #relationshipgoals. Are.

Important note: We’ve broken these concepts down into categories (based on how long you’ve been with your partner), but know that all of these concepts can be helpful to apply at any point in your relationship. !

If you have recently started dating…

Make your partner laugh more
We try to be funny and impressive on first dates, but after a few dates (when the first date nervousness wears off and you’re not worried about being “funny and cool”) we start dating our significant other. do and try less. to impress. However, laughing together makes you feel closer and the time you spend together is more enjoyable. So this year, instead of always telling your coworkers your funniest jokes around the water cooler, save something for your partner.

Create common goals to achieve together
While you’re busy making your New Year’s resolutions (to better budget and eat more greens, here we come!), make sure you ask your partner what they want from this year and learn what they want. what do you want Create common goals together, whether it’s financial (increase your savings) or wellness (get rid of screens an hour before bed). Setting goals for your life together or sharing your individual goals will make you feel like you’re on a team, and you’ll both feel more supportive.

Try something new
Whether it’s taking a class, going to a new restaurant, or experimenting in the bedroom, experiencing things together for the first time lays a great foundation for a relationship and helps keep dates fresh and interesting from the start. can do But keep in mind that trying new things alone is also important. Taking up a new hobby, planning a solo trip, or learning a new skill can give you a chance to focus on yourself and make sure you have activities outside of your relationship that you enjoy. If you and your partner both have interests that you’re really passionate about, you’ll always have something new to talk about.

If you’ve been together for a while…

Become more physically affectionate (in unexpected ways)
Those of you in LTRs can probably relate to the struggle – after a long time and in the busyness of life, holding hands, kissing and intimacy becomes routine. Kissing when you say goodbye, occasional hand holding, and sex are limited to after bedtime (and maybe only certain nights of the week). Bring out the innocent days of your relationship’s youth and make out like a teenager at any time of the day, hold hands or hug while watching TV on the couch, and randomly hug your partner throughout the day. Physical closeness immediately corresponds to emotional closeness, so prioritizing the physical (and changing the routine) will make you feel emotionally close.

change the language of your argument
The way you speak has a huge impact on everything from the intimacy in your relationship to the way you two communicate. Always use “I think” instead of “you did” when you’re expressing something you’re mad about. Focus on why you feel hurt, rather than what they did to make you feel that way. Say, “I feel like you don’t appreciate all I’ve done because I worked so hard at dinner that you came home late,” instead of, “You messed up because you came home late. “

Say “I understand” when they say something, and acknowledge their defensiveness rather than ignoring it or feeling closed out (eg “I understand you are under a lot of stress at work, and all you do I’m proud of the extra effort but sometimes, it makes me feel like I’m on the back burner”). Always remember that the fight should be between the two of you against the problem, not the two of you against each other. The goal should be how to avoid the problem in the future, not who was right about the problem in the past.

Express love with your partner’s love language
By now, I’m sure you’ve realized that your partner doesn’t feel loved the way you show him or her and may not be loved the way you feel. We call this the “love language,” and it’s arguably the most important quality in happy relationships. If you haven’t already, take a quiz with your significant other to find out if your love languages are acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts or physical touch. Then, identify ways in which you can regularly engage in your partner’s love language, and live more consciously in keeping with their love language.

If you live together…

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spend tech-free time together
Even though you and your partner may be spending a lot of time together, you might be surprised to find how little time you actually spend focusing on each other. The main culprit for these deviations? Our Phones In fact, many of us check our phones 96 times a day, leaving little time to give our loved ones our undivided attention.

Make a pact with your partner to put your phone away for at least some of the time. Without the distraction of group messages or the temptation to scroll through social media, you’ll have more time to truly listen and connect with each other.

make sex a priority
You and your partner might be tearing each other’s clothes off when you’re first together, but sex doesn’t become a priority as your relationship progresses — especially when you’re living together. For many of us, the realities of life get in the way of the long and intense sex sessions that are a mainstay of many budding relationships. But sex can be one of the most important and intimate parts of a relationship and should be treated as such.

plan a trip
If you can make it work in the new year, scheduling a trip could be a game-changer for your relationship. Getting out of your routine and spending quality time together will make you feel more connected than ever. If overnight travel isn’t an option for budget, time or otherwise, try a day trip to a nearby beach, theme park or landmark. The idea is to spend time together that doesn’t involve unloading the dishwasher, making grocery lists, or cuddling on the couch.

if you are busy…

Acknowledge the Things You Appreciate About Each Other
Especially when you’re overwhelmed with wedding planning, it can be easy to misunderstand your partner. But research from the University of Washington’s Gottman Institute and Love Lab found that the best marker of a long-lasting relationship is how often one partner acknowledges that the other does something positive, according to The Atlantic. This theory of “appreciation culture” suggests that if you regularly express gratitude, love, and respect for your partner, you create a positive attitude within your relationship that can prevent feelings of resentment from building up later. Is. This suggests that the true formula for a healthy relationship relies on a couple having five positive interactions for every one negative interaction.

Although you don’t need to keep score, try to note the types of comments you and your partner make. Are they just as negative or more often than positive? And how often do you express appreciation or admiration for your partner? Trying to recreate these interactions will help ensure that you both feel loved and respected and strengthen your relationship.

talk about the future
It’s important to know that you and your partner are headed in the right direction, and talking about the future can be a good way to do that. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How would you like your relationship to develop now and once you get married? What exciting plans can you make for next year? Talking about the future not only ensures that you want the same things, which is an important factor in the success of any relationship, but can also increase your excitement about what lies ahead for the two of you. .

plan more dates
If it seems like setting a goal is too difficult with your busy schedule and wedding planning frenzy, maybe you need to re-evaluate your definition of “date.” A date should be any time the two of you get quality time alone, whether it’s dinner and a movie or a morning walk to your local coffee shop. For the record, this doesn’t mean watching TV before bed or eating dinner while you’re on your phone. Set a date and take it seriously – even if you’re tired or short on money, commit to prioritizing quality time. This could mean sitting down to eat a home-cooked meal or going on a picnic in the park. Aim for a specific number of days (every week or two), and schedule it into your calendar so it doesn’t get pushed back or forgotten.

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If you are married…

Consider therapy
Even if you don’t have a serious “problem,” an outside, unbiased professional can help you communicate better with each other. Not only will this avoid more serious problems in the future, but it will make your communication better than just “okay”. However, if you’re dealing with some long-term conflicts or major issues that you’re having trouble resolving on your own, a relationship psychologist can help you work through the issues and make your relationship more loving. This is the right source. Trusted, or happy place.

Say “I love you” more
When do you say “I love you” in your relationship? When are you getting off the phone? when are you going to sleep It’s the same as physical touch—when it becomes routine, it loses some of its special meaning. You can never say “I love you” too much, but it’s possible to not say it enough. Make sure to stop it at unexpected times like after they make you dinner, while giving them a hug, or sending a random text during the day when they’re at work. Say “I love you” more than you talk about chores, to-do lists, or conflicts.

Forgive and forget
Anyone in a relationship has gone through this cycle—one person does something that upsets the other, a miscommunication occurs, a fight escalates, someone apologizes, and the fight is (hopefully) over. goes We all know the feeling of apologizing because you want the fight to be over or because you don’t know what else to do, but not getting it done. We see this in the next fight, when we can’t help but resort to pointing out our partner’s mistakes that led to the previous incident. If you are forgiving your partner, it means you must “forget” him. It means you’ve worked through it, you’ve seen their point of view, and feel like they’ve seen yours. Your relationship will be better because you understand each other better, so don’t forgive until you feel like it, and don’t bring up old fights or mistakes in new arguments – if you’ve truly forgiven, This means past issues are treated as miscommunications, not problems that require further work.

#Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Have In 2023

The Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Have in 2023
Therapists who work with couples share some relationship goals to consider adding to your list this coming year.

How to find love and stay in love could easily be the eighth wonder of the world. It is surprising that people from all walks of life never tire of trying to understand and master it. Frankly, there’s no secret to making love the ultimate, but there is one common theme – getting things done. If you’re currently in a love relationship, you probably know exactly what that means.

One way to put in the work and increase the chances of your love lasting is to have a vision for your relationship. Having something to work towards as a couple can help you bond and can also help you stay in the ring when the going gets tough.

If you’re ready to become your #RelationshipGoals in 2023, here are a few goals you and your partner can consider adding to your list.

Be intentional about ‘you’ time
Every couple has different needs when it comes to space, but it’s undoubtedly important to everyone. Being able to spend time with yourself is a form of self-love and doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. It’s not even a selfish thing to do, says James Harris, MD, therapist and owner of Men to Heel, based in Richmond, Virginia.

He tells ESSENCE, “A relationship is a coming together of people to become one.” “Before, you had your own thoughts and goals, and so did your partner. It’s important to be an individual when you can. It also allows you to recharge when you miss your partner and strengthen the relationship.” Will give.”

On that note, talk about how much time you need to yourself and what that space looks like for you.

Would you rather not talk to your partner during your alone time?
Do you need to go to a different location, such as a hotel or city?
How often do you need alone time? How long is it likely to last?
How can your partner help you?
Are there any boundaries you need to set so that this is a gratifying time for you?
Alone time can also mean spending quality time with friends and family. Whatever it is, communicate your needs and be clear about your expectations. Remember, relationships are about two whole people together. Spending time alone is a way to feed your soul, pour it into your cup, and fuel your relationship.

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#Relationship goals: 10 Relationship resolutions you should make in 2023

It’s nice to be the cutest couple on social media or in your circle, but every relationship can benefit from a little recharging every now and then. Here we have some New Year’s resolution ideas for your relationship, keep reading to find out.

Healthy Relationships: It is easy to believe that a strong relationship can only be sustained by love. However, successful relationships require both love and commitment. Setting short-term and long-term relationship goals can help ensure that both partners are on the same page and value the partnership.

Maybe you want to get married, or maybe you want to give your marriage a fresh start after it’s been a little stale, or maybe you want your partner to respect you and vice versa. Here’s a guide to improving your partnership in 2023 with 10 relationship goals or New Year’s resolutions for a stronger bond.

  1. Start a weekly date night and play date.
    It often happens that we get caught up in the monotony of life and miss out on spending some quality time with our partners. Establishing a weekly date/game night can prove beneficial and build a strong bond.
  2. Learn a new skill together.
    Learning a new skill can also be fun, such as taking a pottery class, painting, a new dance style, or cooking your partner’s favorite dish. Try taking a cooking class, learn to salsa dance, or pick up a new TV show.
  3. Be more sensitive and receptive and share your feelings more openly.
    While feeling comfortable expressing yourself is one of the keys to a happy and healthy relationship, being vulnerable can seem scary at first. Every relationship has good and bad moments. Your ability to stay together in the long run will be determined by how well you support each other through the tough times.
  4. Be more loving and prioritize intimacy.
    Making time for sexual intimacy with your partner is part of setting priority relationship goals and prioritizing your relationship. If the stress of everyday life is interfering with your sex life, it may be time to re-evaluate how you spend your time and being close to your spouse is at the bottom of your priority list.
  5. Have regular check-ins with your partner.
    It is easy to love your partner the way you want but to show love the way your partner really wants is challenging. So, after doing something for your partner, check in with your partner to see how they feel and if anything could have been done differently.
  6. Improve communication and understanding
    Maybe your relationship now has great communication but lacks understanding. This can result in unnecessary arguments and a long silent cold war. So don’t just assume how your partner feels about something, talk to them and understand. If you are not able to understand what was their intention and thought then seek the help of your partner.
  7. Compliment your partner.
    A random compliment throughout the day can make your partner smile with joy and a gentle smile for days to come. Find the good in your partner and share it. It is very easy to find faults in people and especially your partner, but the task is to make them feel special without giving it too much.
  8. Listen. Become a better listener.
    If you don’t want your partner to think you’re a mind reader, listen to your partner the next time he’s expressing his needs and feelings. For example, if your partner is upset with you, instead of giving the silent treatment and letting them fly, simply ask what went wrong and what made their upset hurt you more.
  9. Set up tech-free zones and hours and be more present.
    This is an important one. Try to make the most of our time at office and home with smartphones and laptops, try to create a designated area or time with no phones or gadgets and talk about each other’s day or read a book . Or try that pizza recipe. Together!
  10. Praise more and criticize less.
    No one enjoys criticism, especially when they’re sharing a life-changing experience with their partner. Establish a judgment-free zone to make sure your partner feels comfortable being open and honest with you. Try to appreciate your partner’s feedback, time, and effort to establish mutual respect and emotional support.

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