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What to Do When Your Relationship Is Struggling There’s no guidebook to relationship struggles — but there are ways to deal with them.

Struggling for Love Relationships Can Be Difficult. It’s Normal to Experience Many Emotions, This Sentence Has Been Modified, Just Remember, It’s Normal to Feel These Emotions Sometimes, but They Will Pass.

There’s No One Right Way to Handle Conflict in a Difficult Relationship, but There Are Things You Can Do to Improve Your Headspace When Your Relationship is Struggling.


Focus on Your Self-care
It’s Amazing How Relationship Struggles Can Throw Us Off Balance and Make Us Feel Like We’re Not Coping. Whether Your Issues Are Big or Small, They Can Make a Big Difference.

It’s Really Important to Take Care of Yourself and Find Things to Incorporate Into Your Everyday Life. It Can Enhance Our Ability to Cope With Stress and Make Us Better Able to Manage Conflict in Our Relationships.

There Are Tips for Keeping a Healthy Headspace and Excellent Strategies for Self-care. Remember to Make Sure You Do Something That Focuses on Your Self-care.

Talk to Someone You Trust
Without Regular and Positive Contact, Many of Us Feel Lonely. For Some People, Loneliness Happens All the Time. But for Others, It Can Become Our Regular Enemy. If You Are Feeling Lonely in a Relationship, Talk to Someone About It.

Sometimes Parents Don’t Always Approve of Relationships, but It’s Important to Consider Why. Work to Explain Your Position in a Way That Helps Them Understand Your Relationship Decisions. If Your Parents Don’t Agree With Your Choice of Partner, It Can Be Difficult to Talk to Them About Issues in Your Relationship. But Mustering Up the Courage and Slowly Working Toward a Healthy Conversation is Great for Your Confidence and Self-esteem.

Talking About Your Relationship With a Close Friend Can Also Help. Friendships Change as You Get Older, So if You Don’t Keep Up With Your Old Friends, Try to Make New Ones. You Can Join a Book Club, Sporting Club, or Other Activities You Enjoy.


Working Through Your Relationship Challenges
Relationships Can Be Hard Work. If Things Get Complicated, There Are Some Ways You Can Work Through Your Relationship Conflicts.

Every Relationship Comes With Its Own Challenges. Talking to Your Partner About Why You’re Struggling in the Relationship Can Be a Good First Step in Resolving the Issues. Although Starting a Conversation Can Be Difficult, You Can Practice Effective Communication Techniques to Make Your Point and Start a Conversation.

One Strategy Might Be to Ask Your Partner a Relevant Question, Listen to Their Answer, Then Offer Your Opinion. You Can Present Your Side of the Story Once You Have Heard It.

While Being Honest With Your Partner May Not Be Easy, It Can Help You Work Through Your Problems Together. Remember That All Relationships Have Ups and Downs, but Going Through a Rough Patch Doesn’t Mean It Has to End. Sometimes It Can Be Better – but It Takes Effort, Understanding and Trust.

Respect Your Differences
It is important to Respect Your Differences in a Relationship. You May Find That Differences in Culture, Religion or Views Can Cause Difficulties or Rifts in the Relationship. Instead of Ignoring or Blaming the Unknown, Try to Understand and Embrace It.

Take Leave
Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Some Time Apart. Breaking Up With Your Relationship Can Help You Think About What You Want, Who You Want to Be With, and What You Can Do to Make It Work.

Consider What’s Best for You
When You Find Someone You Love Spending Time With and Life With, Things Can Feel a Lot Better. While It’s Normal to Experience Ups and Downs in a Relationship, if You’re Constantly Having Problems, or if You’re Experiencing Bigger Issues Like Relationship Abuse – It Could Be Affecting Your Headspace. Think About Whether the Positives of Your Relationship Outweigh the Negatives. If You Often Feel Sad, Hurt, or Angry, It May Be Worth Ending the Relationship. Doing So May Also Bring Some Unexpected Positivity.

Relationship Troubles Can Sometimes Leave You With a Low Mood and Feelings of Self-worth. Meeting With a Mental Health Professional Can Help You Deal With Negative Thoughts and Talk About Your Relationship Problems by Helping You Focus on Who You Are and What You Need.

7 Basic Tips That Can Save a Relationship

It’s the Rare Couple That Doesn’t Run Into a Few Bumps in the Road. However, if You Identify Ahead of Time What May Be Causing Relationship Problems, You’ll Have a Better Chance of Overcoming Them.

Marriage and Family Therapist Mitch Temple, Author of the Marriage Turnaround, Says That While Every Relationship Has Its Ups and Downs, Successful Couples Have Learned How to Manage Setbacks and Keep Their Love Lives Together. They Hang in There, Deal With Problems, and Learn to Work Through the Complexities of Everyday Life. Many People Do This by Reading Self-help Books and Articles, Attending Seminars, Going to Counseling, Watching Other Successful Couples, or Simply Using Trial and Error.

7 Basic Tips That Can Save a Relationship
7 Basic Tips That Can Save a Relationship

Relationship Problems: Communication
According to Ellen Fantel Shimberg, Author of Bleeding Families, All Relationship Problems Stem From Poor Communication. “You Can’t Communicate When You’re Checking Your Blackberry, Watching Tv, or Scrolling Through the Sports Section,” She Says.

Problem-Solving Strategies:

  1. Get Real With Each Other, Says Shimberg. If You Live Together, Put the Cell Phone on Vibrate, Put the Kids to Sleep, and Let Voicemail Take Your Calls.
  2. If You Can’t “Communicate” Without Raising Your Voice, Go to a Public Place Like a Library, Park, or Restaurant Where You’ll Be Embarrassed if Someone Sees You Shouting.
  3. Establish Some Rules. Try Not to Interrupt Until Your Partner Starts Speaking, or Ban Phrases Like “You Always…” or “You Never.
  4. Use Body Language to Show That You Are Listening. Don’t Doodle, Look at Your Watch, or Pick at Your Nails. Point So the Other Person Knows You Are Getting the Message, and Rephrase It if Necessary. For Example, Say, “I Heard You Say That You Feel Like You Have More Chores Around the House, Even Though We’re Both Working.” if You’re Right, Another Can Confirm. If the Other Person Really Means, “Hey, You’re an Idiot and You Make Me Do More Things for You to Pick Up on,” They Can Say That, but in a Good Way.
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Relationship Problems: Sex
Even Partners Who Love Each Other Can Be Sexually Mismatched. Mary Jo Fay, Author of Please Dear, Not Tonight, Says That a Lack of Sexual Self-awareness and Education Exacerbates These Problems. But Having Sex is One of the Last Things You Should Give Up, Says Fay. “Sex,” She Says, “Brings Us Closer Together, Releasing Hormones That Help Our Bodies Physically and Mentally, and Keeping Healthy Couple Chemistry Healthy.”

30 Common Best Relationship Tips Problems and Solutions

Even the Best of Relationships Sometimes Face Problems. You’re Both Tired From Work, or the Kids Are Having Trouble at School, or Your in-laws Are the Last Ones Worrying About You… You Know How That Goes.

From Relocation to Redundancy to Illness, Life Throws Up All Kinds of Challenges in a Relationship. No Wonder Even the Strongest of Relationships Have Problems.

For a Relationship to Run Smoothly, It is Important to Address Marriage Problems Before They Become Bigger Relationship Problems.

When do Do Common Relationship Problems start in Relationships?
However, for Some People, That Phase of Love Eventually Fades. As Time Passes and Both Parties in the Relationship Make Their Own Mistakes, What Was Once an Addiction Becomes Intolerable.

Many Common Relationship Problems That Couples Face Are Minor and Easily Avoidable With Mutual Effort, Understanding, and Respect. Although Obstacles Are Inevitable in the Path of Marriage, if You Are Aware of Them in Advance, You Will Be Able to Overcome Them Without Bringing Your Relationship to the Brink of Collapse.

None of Us Are Perfect, Nor Will We Be Exactly Alike on Every Level.

On the Other Hand, Some Character Flaws Will Be Natural and Acceptable. But if There Are Behaviors, Perhaps a Little Lie Here or an Indiscretion There, Then It’s Important to Consider the Larger Scale as the Relationship Progresses.

Is This an Ongoing Problem That You Want to Continually Work on, or is It a Deal Breaker? Something to Ponder.

Advice On Relationship Problems and Solutions

Now, How to Solve Relationship Issues?

Common Relationship Issues Aren’t Difficult to Sort Out; All You Need is a Strong Will to Work on Your Relationship Issues and of Course Love.

Here Are Some Common Marriage Problems and Solutions to Solve Your Relationship Problems That You Must Be Aware of.

When Thinking About How to Solve Relationship Problems, It Can Be Helpful to First Read and Then Talk With Your Partner About How to Solve Relationship Problems.

1. Lack of Confidence

Lack of Trust is a Big Problem in Any Relationship.

A Lack of Trust Isn’t Always Linked to Infidelity – It Can Rear Its Head at Any Time. If You Find Yourself Constantly Doubting Your Partner or Wondering if He or She is Being Honest With You, It’s Time to Deal With Your Trust Issues.

When There is a Lack of Trust in a Relationship, Then the Problems in the Relationship Go on Increasing.

Solutions to:

Be Consistent and Reliable. Each of You Should Strive to Be Where You Say You Are Going to Be and Do What You Say You Are Going to Do. This is the Best Remedy for Marriage Related Problems.

Call When You Say. Never Lie to Your Partner. Showing Empathy and Respect for Your Partner’s Feelings Also Helps Build Trust.

2. Overwhelmed

When Life Gets Overwhelming, You Get Overwhelmed. You May Be in the Middle of a Promotion at Work. They May Be Dealing With a Troubled Teenage Son or Daughter.

Whatever the Reason, Your Relationship Quickly Backfires. Then the Relationship Problems Keep Piling Up.

Solutions to:

Talk to Each Other About What’s Going on, and What Kind of Support Each of You Needs. Support Each Other Instead of Getting So Caught Up in Other Issues That They Drive a Wedge Between You.

Schedule a Time Together That Will Be Just the Two of You.

3. Poor Communication

Poor Communication Leads to Misunderstanding, Conflict and Frustration. This Leaves One or Both of You Feeling Unheard and Unappreciated and Can Quickly Lead to Resentment and Other Shared Relationship Issues.

Solutions to:

Communication is a Skill Like Any Other, and Learning It Can Make All the Difference in Your Relationship. Learn How to Listen Without Judgment or Interruption, and How to Speak Up Without Attacking.

Interact With Each Other as Friends, Not as Fighters. Find Out What Your Communication Style is and How Compatible It is With Your Partner.

Work Your Way Toward a Solution by Figuring Out What Communication Style Will Work Best for the Two of You.

4. Not Giving Preference to One Over the Other

It’s Easy to Misunderstand Your Partner, Especially When You Have a Lot Going on. Before You Know It, the Only Time You Have is When You’re Hastily Putting Together a Family Dinner or Trying to Get Out the Door in the Morning.

Solutions to:

Make Time for Each Other Every Day. No Matter How Busy You Are, Take Out Fifteen or Thirty Minutes; This is Just for the Two of You to Chat and Spend Time Together.

Recite Regularly Throughout the Day. Add Weekly Date Nights to Make Sure Your Partner Knows They Are Your Priority.

5. Money Stress

Money is a Major Cause of Tension in Relationships. Maybe Not Enough. Or Maybe Enough, but They Spend It When You Like to Save. You May Feel They Are Too Tight With Purse Strings.

Whatever the Case May Be, Money Can Quickly Become a Problem.

Solutions to:

One of the Tips for Resolving Old Relationship Issues Related to Finances is to Put Those Good Communication Skills to Work and Have a Serious Conversation About Money. Create a Budget That Both of You Agree on and Stick to It.

Make a Financial Plan for Your Future and Take Steps Towards It Together. Make Crystal Clear Agreements and Keep Them.

6. Changing Preferences

We All Change as We Move Through Life. Maybe Both of You Were Once Ambitious, but Now You Prefer to Lead a Quiet Life. Perhaps Your Partner is No Longer Enthusiastic About Your Shared Dream of Buying a Beach House.

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Changing Priorities Can Lead to Many Conflicts.

Solutions to:

See What You Still Have in Common While Allowing Your Partner to Change and Grow. Embrace Who They Are Now Instead of Pineing for the Past.

If You Have Different Preferences About Major Lifestyle Issues, Find Common Ground, and Come to a Compromise That Makes Both of You Happy.

7. War Thief
It’s Easy to Lose Your Temper When You Feel Like You’re Taking Out the Trash for the Hundredth Time in a Row, or When You Come Home From Overtime to Find a Trick at Home. Stealth Warfare is a Major Cause of Conflict in Relationships.

Solutions to:

Agree Together on Who is Responsible, and Stick to It – Factor in Some Flexibility When One of You is Busier Than Usual.

If the Two of You Have Different Ideas of What a Clean House is, It Might Be Time for a Little Compromise.

8. Various Proximity Requirements
Problems in Your Sex Life Are Stressful and Can Have a Big Impact on Your Relationship. If Neither of You is Happy or You’re Finding That You Have Different Intimacy Needs, It’s Time to Have a Serious Talk.

Solutions to:

Make Time for Intimacy. Arrange for Someone Else to Pick Up the Kids Once a Week, or Make the Most of It Whenever You’re Home Alone.

Sex Makes You Feel Close Physically and Emotionally, So Make Sure Both of You Are Happy With Your Sex Life.

9. Lack of Appreciation
The Couple Faces Opposite Directions

Is It Not Surprising to You That Bad Employers Force Good Employees to Leave? Up to 75% Left Their Jobs, Not Just Because of the Position, but Because of Their Boss, Who Never Praised Them.

Considered to Be One of the Basic Reasons for Breakups.

Solutions to:

Appreciation is What Keeps Us Motivated and Committed in Both Our Work and Our Relationships.

Remembering to Appreciate or Take Note of the Things Our Partners Show Us They Are Grateful for Increases Overall Satisfaction With the Relationship. Saying Thank You Goes a Long Way.

10. Children
Having Kids is a Blessing, but It Requires a Lot of Dedication and Hard Work. This Can Cause Strain on the Relationship When Partners Disagree on How to Raise Children, Solve Problems, and Spend Time With Family.

Solutions to:

Talk With Your Partner About Why You Think Something Should Be Done Differently and Share Your Reasoning. Too Often, We Are Repeating or Trying to Escape the Patterns We Were Raised by.

Get Together and Spend Some Time Understanding Where the Need to Do Something a Certain Way is Coming From. When You Understand, You Can Change and Create a New Way of Parenting That Works for Your Family.

11. More Participation
When We Find That Person We Love, We Want to Share Everything With Them and Want Them to Do the Same. However, This Can Lead to a Loss of Individuality, a Sense of Independence, and a Sense of Accomplishment.

Solutions to:

What Do You Need to Be Their Partner While Also Being Your Own Person? Think About Areas You Want to Make Your Own That Give You a Sense of Accomplishment and Independence.

It Can Be a Hobby or Sport. Talk to Your Partner So They Don’t Feel Rejected by This New Change and Introduce It Slowly.

12. Infidelity
What Each of Us Defines as Infidelity and Where We Draw the Line May Differ. Infidelity Means Different Things to Different People. Infidelity Can Include Anything Other Than Sexual Activity, Flirting, Sexting, or Kissing.

When Infidelity Occurs, Trust is Broken, and a Person May Feel Betrayed. This Can Snowball Into Many Other Issues and Problems.

Solutions to:

It’s Important for You and Your Partner to Talk About What Infidelity is. They May Unintentionally Hurt You, for Example, They Have No Problem Flirting.

When Something Has Already Happened, a Choice Has to Be Made. A Couple May Try to Regain Trust and Rebuild or End the Relationship. If the Former is Chosen, Then Seeking Professional Help Can Be a Wise Decision.

Discovering Marriage Challenges and Solutions and Learning How to Solve Relationship Problems is Extremely Beneficial With Counseling.

13. Key Difference
Man Busy Playing Video Game and Woman Sitting Sad

When There is a Significant Difference in Core Values, the Way the Partners Approach Life and Challenges, Issues Are Bound to Arise.

For Example, They May Be More Comfortable or Joyful When You Plan and Save More Than You Spend. However, if Your Views and Expectations From Life Differ Significantly, You Are Bound to Argue.

Solutions to:

When There Are Fundamental Differences Between You, You May Wonder Whether You Are Compatible With Each Other. The Answer is, It Depends. What Changes Do Both of You Need to Make in Order to Maintain This Relationship?

Are You Willing to Make This Change, and How Much Will It “Cost” You? If You Decide That You Can Change and Want to Change, by All Means, Let It Go. It’s the Only Way You Can Know if Change is Enough to Make This Relationship Work.

14. Jealousy
You Can Be in a Happy Relationship for a Long Time Before You Notice the First Signs of Jealousy. They May Work Well at First but Gradually Change.

They Start Asking About Your Whereabouts, Confiding in You, Checking Up on You, Pushing You Away or Suppressing You, and Showing Concern About Your Love for Them.

Often This Behavior is a Reflection of Past Experiences That Were Triggered by an Event in the Current Relationship.

Solutions to:

Both Partners Need to Make an Effort. If Your Partner is Jealous, Try to Be Transparent, Predictable, Honest, and Sharing. Give Them Time to Get to Know You and Trust You.

However, to Solve This, They Need to Change Their Expectations and Make a Different Effort to Address Their Concerns. There is a Difference Between Privacy and Confidentiality and This Line Needs to Be Drawn Again.

15. Unnecessary Expectations
If You Are Human, Then You Have Unreasonable Expectations; No One is Free From Them. Nowadays, We Can Expect Our Partner to Play Many Important Roles: Best Friend, Trusted Partner, Business Partner, Lover, Etc.

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We May Expect Our Partner to Advocate for Fairness All the Time Without Knowing What We Want, or Try to Change the Other to Get What You Want Them to Do.

This Can Lead to Misunderstandings, Frequent Quarrels and Bad Luck.

Solutions to:

If You Want to Solve a Problem, You First Need to Understand It. Ask Yourself – What is It That You Think You Deserve? If You Could Wave a Magic Wand and Change Things, What Would the New, Rosy Reality Look Like?

What Are You Doing Now That Makes You Think You Can Get There?

When You Understand What You’ve Been Hoping for, but Reality and Your Partner Are Depriving You of It, You Can Start Looking for Ways to Ask Differently or Ask for Different Wishes.

16. Separation
There Are Many Things on the to-do List, and Only One of You. How Long Ago Did You Stop Adding Things to Do With Your Partner to That List? The Separation Happens Gradually, and We Do Not Notice.

You May Wake Up One Morning and Realize You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Had Sex, Had a Date, or Had a Conversation That Was More Than Organizational.

Solutions to:

Relationship is Like a Flower, It Cannot Blossom Without Nourishment. When You See Symptoms, It’s Time to Act. Crossing the Bunny Distance Will Take Time, but It is Possible.

Prioritize Your Time Together, Bring Back Old Habits and Activities You Used to Do Together, Laugh and Take Time to Reconnect.

17. Lack of Support
When Life Hits Us Hard, We Deal With It the Best Way We Know How. However, Often Our Coping Skills Are Not Enough, and We Need Support. Lack of Support From a Partner Can Lead to Feelings of Loneliness, Anxiety and Feeling Overwhelmed.

Long-term Lack of Support Also Affects the Way We Value Relationships, and Satisfaction is Greatly Reduced.

Solutions to:

If You Don’t Ask, the Answer is Definitely “No”. Talking About What We Need and What We Can Provide Can Clear the Air of Fleeting Expectations.

Unspoken and Unmet Needs Lead to Negative Perceptions About the Relationship.

Understanding What Our Partner Can Provide Helps Us Adjust What We Reach Out to and Seek Alternative Sources of Support While Our Partner is Again One of the Main Pillars of Stimulation and Comfort. Is. Works on Becoming

18. Addiction
Substance Addiction Can Put a Serious Strain on a Relationship.

A Partner’s Addiction Can Have a Significant Impact on the Family Budget, Cause Many Arguments, Exacerbate Trust Issues, Lead to Neglect and Neglect of Children and Other Family Members, and Reduce Overall Relationship Happiness. Can Spoil

Solutions to:

Couples’ Problems Can Be Overcome by Couples Therapy. Counseling Can Be Very Helpful as It Helps Both the Partners to Deal With the Issues That Arise Together.

Understanding What Immediately Triggers Addiction and Creating New Habits as a Couple Foster Healthy Ways of Solving Problems. Individual Therapy is Also Recommended for Both Partners.

It Can Help to Understand the Roots and Patterns of Addiction, and Provide Support to the Non-addicted Partner.

19. Walking at Different Speeds
Do You Feel Uncomfortable in Your Current Relationship With the Pace at Which the Relationship is Progressing?

Maybe You Wish Your New Partner Would Move on More Quickly, Spend More Time Together, Call or Text Constantly, Go Out Together, or Meet Their Family?

Alternatively, You May Be in a Relationship That is Not Progressing the Way You Hoped, and the Milestones You Wanted Are Not Being Met.

You May Argue When You and Your Partner Need Different Speeds and Intensities of Intimacy and Commitment.

It Can Get Very Annoying Over the Seemingly Smallest Things, Pull Away, and Make You Question Whether This Person is the One for You.

Solutions to:

Don’t Sweep Things Under the Rug, but Find Out What’s Going on. Avoiding Problems is Not the Best Relationship Solution.

What Kind of Reassurance or Show of Love Will Get You Back on That Same Level? How Do Your Needs Differ, and What Can Each of You Do to Find a Middle Ground?

20. Lack of Responsibility
When One of the Partners Avoids Taking Responsibility, It Can Seriously Damage the Partnership. Fighting Over Money, Neglecting Children, Fighting Over Chores, or Playing the Blame Game Can Happen Everyday.

One of the Most Damaging Factors for a Relationship is a Significant Unequal Distribution of Responsibility Between Partners.

Solutions to:

While Addressing the Issue, the First Thing to Do is Stop the Blame Game. If Change is to Be Brought, Then There is a Need to Look Forward, Not Backward. If Change is to Be Permanent, It Must Be Gradual.

Dominating a Partner This Entire Time to Avoid Responsibilities Will Prove That They Were Right to Avoid Them.

Give Forgiveness a Shot Because It Has Been Linked to Relationship Success. Also, Agree on the Pace of Change and Share Accountability First.

Take Away Relationships Are Marathons

Most Relationship Problems and Ways to Solve Relationship Problems Will Be Something You May Have Heard About or Experienced; Yet, When It Comes to Using This Common Sense, Not Everyone is in Complete Agreement With the Implementation.

Answering “How to Fix Marriage Problems” Isn’t Difficult, and There is Plenty of Advice on Relationship Issues and Solutions.

However, When It Comes to Solving Marriage Issues and Relationship Issues, Everything Comes Down to Effort and Implementation.

These Common Problems in Relationships Aren’t Entirely Avoidable, and Every Couple is Bound to Face a Few of Them at One Point.

The Good News is That Working on Relationship Problems Can Make a Big Difference and Getting Rid of All the Problems Can Get Your Relationship Back on Track.

Be Creative, Don’t Give Up on Each Other and You Will Reach a Solution.

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