90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise Season 3 – April Carter & Valentine’s Relationship Timeline Explained

90 Day Fiancé: love in Paradise star April Carter could date a doctor like her, but she fell in love with Valentine, a personal trainer from Dr.

90 Day Fiancé: love in Paradise couple April Carter and Valentine are the latest season 3 stars on the block, and there’s plenty to know about their current relationship status. April is a 38-year-old doctor (first in the TLC franchise) who lives in Houston, Texas. April tried dating men who own businesses as well as doctors and lawyers but felt she and Valentine were together. Men who dated April were afraid of her success. After all, she also has a law degree and is the owner of two fitness studios. 26-year-old Valentine from the Dominican Republic is very loving and appreciates her success.


The current 90-Day Fiance: love in Paradise Season 3 includes five new couples with the returning duo, De Juan “Valentine” and Carlos Jiménez. However, the most controversial couple are Pedro Jimeno’s mother Lydia Morel, and her American boyfriend Scott. Vern. Lydia and Scott began their relationship incorrectly when Scott’s translator stopped working. Unfortunately, this is a problem that April and Valentine will also have to face. Valentine does not speak English, and the couple can only chat via text messages. Translator.

How Love In Paradise’s April Carter & Valentine Met

90 Day Fiancé: love in Paradise star April’s passion to excel in her career takes her place. In addition to working as a doctor specializing in providing critical care medical services, April also found time to start an electric car business in the Dominican Republic. It was there that April first saw Valentine, who works as a fitness instructor in Santo Domingo. Valentine was the gym trainer at the resort in which April stayed. “He’s thoughtful, he’s really worried about my well-being,” the doctor said. “He looks really, really good,” said April, who feels Valentine prioritizes him.

How Love In Paradise’s April Carter & Valentine’s Time On The Show Ended

April and Valentine have been secretly dating for about a year. He became a personal trainer five years ago. Valentine should not date customers but broke his rules for her. ” I see that April can be the love of my life, ” Valentin admitted during his love in Paradise Season 3 confession. However, in a conversation with her sisters, April admits that she eventually wants Valentine to come to America. However, April also said, ” he has no money, and I’m still willing to move on.”

April has been sending money to Valentin, and believes her love is unconditional. “I don’t want to be a sugar mom,” she admitted. While April claims that Valentine would send money whenever he wanted, she says it’s “not very”, but it’s a red flag. “They don’t know Valentine like I do,” said April, when her sisters questioned their relationship. April admits that she is naive, but Valentine assures the cameras that he is not a man who is with a woman for money. April is extremely special in terms of cleanliness, especially since she is a doctor. Her passion (i.e. wanting everything hygienic) seems to tease Valentine in previews.

Is Love In Paradise’s April Carter & Valentine Still Together

We’re going to see what happens in time,” is what Valentine said when his mom wanted to know if he planned to marry April. Meanwhile, April could picture herself as Valentine’s spouse, enjoying the future together. However, there are, “hard topics” that April wanted to discuss, about where their relationship would go. Valentine doesn’t appear to be on social media, and April hasn’t shared any pictures with him on Instagram that reveal their current status. It’s quite possible that April didn’t continue her relationship with Valentine after 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise.

Source: April Carter/Instagram

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