8 Relationship Tips to Take the Stress Out of Traveling With Your Significant Other

Here are some things I’ve done really well over the years: filling my eyebrows, doing eyebrows, and traveling with my significant other. Although these are very different skills, they all require two things to perfect: patience and practice.

I’m willing to accept anyone who asks that traveling with a significant other is a far more difficult-to-perfect skill (and yes, I consider it a skill). This is because traveling together harmoniously can be downright difficult. On top of the inevitable stress that comes with travel, you should figure out how to balance travel styles, make travel decisions, divide responsibilities, manage travel budgets, and spend time well. This is a tall order if you ask me.

I’m not saying this to scare you. Let me tell you that I have been there and – not to boast – I have done very well in this, which means you can too. While the practice is not perfect, it has given me some useful tips for traveling as a couple that I am happy to share with you. So without further ado, here are eight tips on traveling with your significant other that I swear by.

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8 Tips For Traveling With Your Significant Other

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1. Set a budget you’re both comfortable with

Whether you are in a new relationship or have joint accounts, setting a budget for your trip together is the first thing you should do. Be honest with each other about what you are willing to spend, then discuss where you like to spend and where you want to save some money. When you start booking hotels, cars, restaurants, excursions, and more, it’s helpful to have an open conversation with your partner and set a budget as a team. We know that talking about money with a partner can be stressful (especially in the beginning), but doing so ahead of time can avoid you spending excessively or going on such a trip the other way around. Which was not so good. You will like it.

2. Assign responsibilities for logistics

With so much logistics to plan for, it’s important that you and your partner divide travel responsibilities. From starting planning to getting home you should know your roles and stay in your lane. For example, if you are in charge of booking a hotel room, your partner can handle booking a rental car. You can (and should!) talk about available options.) And decide together what can be the best, but the last thing you want is to arrive at the check-in counter and find out that you don’t have a reservation because you both thought the other person was in charge of the booking. With clear roles, you will have more organized plans and fewer headaches.

3. Discuss your travel styles

If you’ve ever been seen by people at an airport, you know people travel… Differently. What works for one person will not work for everyone, so discuss travel styles with your partner soon. If you are flying, ask about favorite airlines, if they like to check bags, where they prefer to sit on the plane, etc. And if you’re going on a road trip, ask if they like to drive or drive a shotgun, what they like to do to pass the time (music, audiobooks, good old conversations). , And any road trip travel hacks they may have . This conversation allows you to understand each other’s travel styles and eventually come to an agreement that works best for both of you.

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4. Plan your itinerary together ahead of time

I firmly believe that when going on any trip you need a plan (and a backup plan), even a loose one. My suggestion for dealing with travel is as follows: If you need to prioritize certain things during the trip (e.g. tasks, family obligations, events, etc.), make sure when and where those things are done. This. Other activities around them for example if you are traveling together for a wedding is obviously a priority but you can explore the city together earlier or later to make the most of your trip. Can plan some time. If you have zero responsibilities (this is love for you!), Then make a plan for each day so you both know what to expect to go on the trip.

5. Give each other space when needed

Chances are you’re not used to spending as much day-to-day together as you do when traveling as a couple. It is therefore important to either schedule something alone in time or identify when it is time to beat. For example, if you want to workout before sitting in the pool and your partner wants to close some extra eyes, go for it! Just because you’re on a trip together doesn’t mean you need to do everything together. Don’t be afraid to take the time you need and give your partner the space they need. That way, you will feel relaxed and refreshed instead of jet-lagged and irritable.

6. Prioritize time for romance

Between the stress of travel and all the logical details, romance can fall by the wayside. My best advice? Schedule it. It may seem like booking a special dinner date or scheduling sex during your trip (and no, that’s not weird! Especially if you’re meeting people or traveling with a group, a one-to-one fit in quality can be tough. But prioritizing quality time together will make your entire travel experience more enjoyable and memorable. The same is true if you are both on a couple’s trip. You may assume that you will have plenty of time for a true relationship, but getting stuck in travel and not prioritizing romance is easy. Keeping it at the top of the mind can really make all the difference.

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7. Socialize with other people

Whether you’re visiting old friends or going to a country where you don’t know a soul, socializing during your trip with new and old friends can make your trip even more enjoyable. It’s important to meet people, laugh, and enjoy the company of others when you’re away from home.

For all of you “just the two of us” travelers, holiday companions are the best IMO, and they are also very easy to make. See another couple in the pool all the time? Always bumping into people all over the Hall? Start a conversation! Experiences like this will give you two more things to cherish and remind you after your journey ends. Also, you never know who you can meet!

8. Go with the flow

Canceled flights, room disturbances, and flat tires are the beginning of chaos on any trip. You need to ensure that you do not forget: go with the flow. As much as you want to control every detail and ensure everything goes perfectly fine, the harsh reality is that some things don’t go as planned, and you know what? That’s right! And sometimes it is better than fine.

If the reservation of the restaurant you were really excited to visit is lost, instead of thinking about it, go with the flow and find another place around the corner. You may stumble upon a place that you didn’t even know existed and create new memories that you didn’t expect. These are moments that make a good trip – unexpected, “we’re going to laugh about it later” is such chaos, so embrace every moment.

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