7 Characteristics of Good Relationships Tips

Relationships Should Make You Feel Good About Yourself, Your Partner, and Most of the Time, Yourself. Humans Are a Social Species That Depend on Networks of Relationships to Survive and Thrive. Just as We Have Basic Needs for Food and Shelter, We Are Wired to Connect


, Strong, Healthy Relationships Are Important for Maintaining and Improving Your Overall Physical and Mental Well-being Throughout Your Life.


“Our Overall Health, Happiness, and Life Satisfaction Depend on the Quality of the Relationships We Have,” Says Behavioral Scientist Logan Urie. Journalist Maggie Gallagher and Sociologist Linda J. White Reports in Their Book the Case for Marriage That Positive Relationships Have a Profound Effect on Children’s Happiness, Physical and Mental Health, Life Expectancy, Wealth, and Well-being.


7 Characteristics of Good Relationships Tips
7 Characteristics of Good Relationships Tips


Logan Uri is the Director of Relationship Science at Hing and a Behavioral Scientist With a Focus on Dating and Relationships. First, He Studied Psychology at Harvard and Then Went on to Run Google’s Behavioral Science Team, the Irrational Lab. She is also a Dating Coach, Matchmaker, and Author of How Not to Die Alone – a Step-by-step Guide to Making Better Decisions in Romantic Relationships Based on Behavioral Science.

Studies Show That Positive Relationships Reduce the Production of Cortisol, a Stress Hormone,2 While Also Giving a Person a Sense of Well-being and Purpose, Which Can Add Years to Your Life. Research Also Shows That People in Committed Romantic Relationships Have a Lower Risk of Heart Disease.



So, What Does a Positive Relationship Look Like? Read on for Seven Characteristics of Positive Relationships, Plus Expert Insight From Yuri on How to Strengthen Your Own Romantic Relationship.

Characteristics of Good and Healthy Relationships Goals

They Bring Out the Best in You.

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“You Like That Person When You’re Around Them Because You Feel Relaxed, Confident, and Happy in Their Presence,” Says Yuri.


Relationships Not Only Help Us Feel Good, but They Can Also Help Us Be Good. Everyone is on Their Own Journey of Personal Growth, and Although It is Ultimately Up to Each Individual to Take the Necessary Steps Toward Improvement, the Best Relationships Encourage and Support Each Other Toward These Personal Goals. The Foundation of Strong, Healthy Relationships With Others is a Strong Sense of Self.


You Can Fight Well

All Couples Fight, but Not All Couples Know How to Fight in a Healthy Way. “Difficulties Are Bound to Happen in a Relationship,” Admits Yuri. “It’s Not About Fighting, It’s About Learning How to Fight Well. Successful Couples Have the Tools to Navigate Challenging Situations.” ”


Fighting With Your Partner is Not a War of Words With One Loser and One Winner. If You Can’t Have a Fair Fight (No Name-calling, Insults, or Eye-rolling), Then You’re Not Ready to Discuss Yet. Take a Breath — Whether It’s 30 Minutes or a Few Days — and Come Back When You’re Both Ready to Calmly Discuss the Matter and What You Need From Your Partner. Fighting With Honor is Something Everyone Must Learn if They Want to Maintain Positive Relationships.


Maintain Your Personal Identity.

Before You Found a Partner, You Had a Life, Friends, and Hobbies That You Enjoyed. In Fact, Your Partner Probably Fell in Love With You Because They Liked Your Unique Outlook on Life, the Way You Interact With Your Friends, and Your Interesting Hobbies. But When You Enter a New Relationship, It’s Inevitable That Some of That “Me” Time Becomes “We” Time. How Can You Be in a Relationship With Someone Else Without Losing Yourself? Maintaining Those Personal Interests When You’re in a Relationship Creates a Stronger Sense of Self, Which Makes You More Capable of Greater Intimacy, Love, and Passion in a Relationship.

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Continue the Friendships That Were Important to You When You Were Single, and Encourage Your Partner to Do the Same. Your Personality is What Makes You Interesting, and It Will Make Your Relationship Interesting as Well.

You Take Turns Supporting Each Other.

All Relationships Go Through Many Natural Changes Over Time. One Partner May Lose a Parent or Job, Which Can Affect How They View Themselves in the Relationship. Recognizing These Changing Seasons of Life and Showing Compassion is the Key to Moving Forward Together, Strong.


“Neither of You Has to Be the ‘strong One’ or the Caregiver All the Time. Ideally, You Support Each Other, Giving Each Person Time and Space to Be Vulnerable,” Offers Yuri. .




You Listen to Each Other.

This is Easier Said Than Done. “It’s Not About Waiting Your Turn to Talk or Giving Unnecessary Advice,” Explains Yuri. “Strong Relationships Involve Having Space for Each Other and Really Listening.”


If You Want to Be a Better Listener, Try Summarizing What Your Partner Said to You and Then Paraphrasing It to Make Sure It’s an Accurate Reflection of Their Experience. An Example of This Would Be: “It Sounds Like You Are Feeling Frustrated Because You Feel That I Am Not Doing My Share of the Homework. Am I Listening Right?”


You Help Each Other Achieve Your Dreams.

Yuri Explains, “a Great Partner Sees You Not Only for Who You Are Now, but for Who You Can Be and Who You Want to Be.” “They Support You and Inspire You to Achieve Your Dreams.”

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Some People Are Afraid to Pursue a Relationship Because They Are Afraid That It Will Throw Them Off Their Path or Stop Them From Fulfilling Their Dreams. The Best Relationships Will Literally Ignite a Fire Within You, Take You to New Heights You Could Never Reach Alone. Positive Relationships Will Push You Forward and Make You a Better You Because They See Something in You That You Can’t See in Yourself. As the Saying Goes, “if You Want to Go Fast, Walk Alone, but if You Want to Go Far, Walk Together.”


You Grow Up Together.

“Relationships Are Not Static,” Says Yuri. “They Will Need to Change Over Time Because the People in Them Grow and Change. What Do You Need From Your Partner Now? What Does Your Partner Need From You?”

The Person You Marry Will Not Be the Same Person in 10 or 20 Years, and Neither Will You. Active Participation From Each Person in the Relationship is Critical to Longevity, but It Also Requires a Constant Reinvestment of Time, Energy, and Love. Set Up Monthly or Annual Check-ins to Make Sure You’re on the Same Page and the Relationship is Serving Both of You. It Offends You and Displeases You Irrevocably

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