25 Relationship Goals For Couples Tips Follow In 2023

You’ve probably seen #relationshipgoals all over social media. But have you ever stopped to ask what goals you want for your relationship? These 25 relationship goals for couples can get you started.

It can sometimes be helpful to look at examples in other pairs. But in general, you shouldn’t base your relationship goals on what you see on social media.

Can paint a rosy picture that covers up the dark issues going on. Instead, you should come up with relationship goals that match your deepest values.

It should be an action or behavior that a couple strives for in order to have a happy and deep relationship within the partnership. Here are some examples of relationship goals for couples that you might consider setting in your relationship.

Relationship Goals For Couples Any Tips 2023

Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship:

  • Communicate openly and honestly with your partner. This means being open to hearing their thoughts and feelings, and expressing your own honestly and without fear of judgment.
  • Make time for each other. It’s important to prioritize your relationship and make time to connect with your partner, whether it’s through activities you enjoy together or simply spending time talking and being present with one another.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude. Let your partner know that you appreciate them and are grateful for them. This can be through small gestures like saying “thank you,” or through more grand gestures like planning a special date or surprise.
  • Work through conflicts and challenges together. It’s natural for conflicts to arise in any relationship, but it’s important to be willing to work through them together in a healthy and constructive way. This might involve compromising, seeking help from a therapist or mediator, or finding other ways to resolve the issue.
  • Support each other’s growth and independence. It’s important to allow your partner the space and support they need to grow and be themselves. This might involve giving them the freedom to pursue their own interests or supporting them in their career goals.
  • Keep the romance alive. It’s important to keep the spark alive in your relationship by doing things to keep the romance alive, like going on dates, expressing your love and affection, and trying new things together.

#Best Relationship Goals // Relationship Tips for couples

  1. #Put the relationship first (be one, not two).
    In prioritizing the relationship, both partners try their best to satisfy each other’s individual needs and desires. Everyone wants to see their partner smiling and happy.

Partners should make every effort to support, protect and love each other. When both of you prioritize the health of your relationship, you equally care about each other’s peace and happiness in life. Mutual selflessness is the key to making things work in the long run.

  1. #Balance time with alone time
    In the beginning of relationships, we spend all our time with someone. Sometimes even beyond the initial stages, if someone really pleases us.

But especially during the honeymoon phase, everything is so new and exciting, you want to know more about your partner every day. Eventually, we all start to find things that bother us about our partner and make us realize that we just need to enjoy some alone time sometimes.

A desire to be alone should not be misunderstood as a desire not to spend time with your partner. All that craving for alone time means that we all have a chance to enjoy ourselves for a while. When partners are together, they are sharing themselves with someone.

But everyone needs some time to enjoy themselves. It helps us to recharge mentally and emotionally and to maintain our individuality. After you both have had a little breathing room, you can get back in the best frame of mind to enjoy your partner again and continue being close.

  1. #Include the phrase “in sickness and in health.”
    Whether you are married like me or just in a relationship, this is a great phrase for couples. There are always good times and bad times in partnership.
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It is in those moments where our commitment is tested. You and your partner can pass the test by working equally hard to pursue those challenges. One study found that a partner’s perceived commitment was the biggest predictor of a successful relationship.

  1. #Respect their love language
    According to the five love languages, everyone values a certain way of giving and receiving love. If you’re unfamiliar with them, here they are:

physical touch
quality time
words of affirmation
service work

You can most appreciate giving and receiving love through physical touch. Your partner may appreciate words of affirmation the most.

There is nothing right or wrong about the way you love, because everyone has their own preferences. It’s important to understand what your partner’s preferences are and work on loving them the way they prefer and vice versa.

This way, neither of you feel neglected because you are not getting the kind of love that you need. If your partner likes quality time the most, then take more time for him.

If they value physical touch more, go out of your way to get physically close to them. Whatever love language is important to both of you, make sure the two of you speak each other’s language often. If you’re not sure what your love language is, you can take the Love Language Quiz.

  1. #Continuously learn and grow together
    The more we grow as people, the better we can be to those closest to us. A couple can achieve great growth by learning new skills together.

Partners can better understand how they think and approach things in life. This can potentially be helpful for building better communication and collaboration.

Doing new and different things also involves shared experiences that become new positive memories between you and your partner. Creating more positive memories together can help build a deeper bond between each other.

You and your partner don’t have to do anything fancy or expensive. It could be as simple as the two of you never dating.

  1. #Have a Date Night Routine
    According to the National Marriage Project, date nights are associated with higher relationship quality and lower divorce rates. All it takes is spending time together at least one night a week to enjoy these benefits, the study authors said.
  1. #Feel each other’s pain
    A study by the American Psychological Association found that women are happier when men know when they are upset. In some ways, perhaps men appreciate it too.

You and your partner should always do your best to recognize when the other person is upset. In my own relationship, I can usually see when my partner is upset a mile away.

Once I get that prompt, I ask her a few questions, such as whether she slept well or felt stressed. Then she would start speaking and I could listen and encourage her.

Not everyone is the best at recognizing when someone is acting in a way that indicates they are upset. If you’re not, you can learn more about improving your emotional intelligence.

  1. #Say and do little things for each other
    A survey on lasting love found that partners value simple acts of kindness the most. Try making your partner a cup of tea in the morning or try telling them something special about their appearance that you like.
  2. #Make Couple Friends
    A study from the University of Maryland Baltimore found that couples who are friends are happier. Researchers found that it helped couples increase their attraction to each other.

It gave them a greater understanding of men and women, and they got to see how other couples discuss their differences. More introverted couples don’t get the goal they really want to pursue.

Try to keep an open mind for the introverted couples reading this. You might be surprised how much more happiness a couple’s friendship can bring to your relationship.

  1. #Be their biggest supporter
    The luxury that many couples in a relationship should enjoy is that you have someone who is always there for you. You and your partner should be ready to support each other in whatever dreams or aspirations you have in life. Two partners who believe in each other can make them both feel that they can accomplish any goal they set in life.
  2. #Be positive towards each other
    People may have disagreements and disagreements about how their partner prefers to live, but this should not be a constant. If so, it can damage the relationship and make the other partner feel less valuable.
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The primary mode of communication between partners should be kind and positive. In moments of worry, think about what you love about your partner.

Partners who care about each other will continually work to improve each other’s behavior over time. If things aren’t changing, don’t be afraid to seek professional help to get to the bottom of the problem.

  1. #Maintain physical intimacy
    Physical intimacy isn’t just between the sheets in the bedroom. This is important to understand, because there may come a time when that form of physical connection is no longer available.

Despite this, there is still something to be gained from touching and being close to your partner. It has been proven that oxytocin is released which calms us down and helps us handle stress better. Try to ensure that physical intimacy is never neglected in your relationship.

  1. #Texting Less
    A Brigham University study concluded that texting between couples can sometimes lead to rifts within a relationship. There was a difference in when men and women felt disconnected from texting.

With women, they feel disconnected whenever an apology or disagreement comes out via text. With men, whenever texting is too much, they feel disconnected.

Interestingly, it was found that texting expressions of affection enhanced relationships. Overall, it’s a good idea to do your best to keep most of your conversations with your partner outside of texting.

  1. #Talk About Relationship
    As time goes on, ideas evolve, feelings change, and people may become slightly different. As a result of you and your partner growing individually in life, this can lead to changes in your relationship.

You can both decide that you want new or different things from life and from each other. It’s important to talk about your changing desires and discuss ways to meet those changing desires.

Check in with each other often to make sure you both feel overall satisfied. If either of you feels the need for it, keep discussing ways to increase that satisfaction.

Cornell gerontologist Carl Pillmer sought the insights of 700 individuals with 40,000 years of marital experience. The main advice that was often given was that couples should learn to communicate with each other.

Older married people say that open communication is the key to solving most marital problems. Even those whose marriages didn’t last cited lack of communication as the main reason.

  1. #Get medical treatment done from time to time
    Even couples who feel they are happy can benefit from learning tools that help them work better as a couple. Marriage and couples therapists can provide you with wisdom based on years of research and work experience.

A University of California study found that therapy can help married couples if both partners want to improve the marriage. Consider therapy to help maintain the emotional and mental health of your relationship.

  1. #Don’t be overly competitive
    Whether it’s one partner making more money, or the other partner achieving more success in life, make sure your relationship doesn’t become a competition. When your partner gets exciting news in life, then that news should be exciting for you too.

Beyond achievements in life, don’t make your relationship a competition as to who puts in the most work for it. There may be moments where you have to do more to keep things going and other moments where your partner has to do a little more.

What matters is that, for the most part, when push comes to shove, you do your best to keep both things going. This is what helps a relationship last long.

  1. #Don’t Cooperate Too Much
    While being a big supporter was previously mentioned as a goal, one study found that couples can do more than just be supportive. In particular, too much informational support, such as giving unsolicited advice, is the support that can lead to resentment.
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Overall, for men, it was important to provide the right kind of support as needed, whether it was emotional, informational, respectful or tangible support. It is only important for women that some kind of support is provided to them. The researchers suggest that you ask your partner what you can do to support them.

  1. #Help with household chores
    A Pew Research study found that more than half of married adults believe that sharing household chores is important to a happy marriage. When both partners are doing the same things at home, it prevents one from feeling like they are doing everything alone.

No matter what needs to be done, the important thing is that it is done, so it is no longer a burden. Fewer burdens can help reduce stress and create more chances for happiness between the two of you.

  1. #Pray for your partner
    Studies have found that praying for your partner can actually make for a longer lasting relationship. This bonding strategy is found to help partners be more empathetic to each other.
  1. #Cheer Yourself Up
    While your partner can bring happiness into your life, it is important that we all create our own happiness as well. Both the partners must play their part in creating personal happiness. The happier you are with your life, the more you will be able to keep your partner happy.
  2. #Stop comparing your relationship with TV relationships
    The researchers found that people who perceived television to be an unrealistic portrayal of relationships were less committed to their spouses. Choose to think about your relationship in a more realistic way. Not watching TV can be helpful in order to focus more on the kind of romantic relationship you both want to have.
  3. #Be true to yourself
    An Ohio State study concluded that the more true people were to themselves, the better their romantic relationships were. Romantic partners should continually try to act in a way that is consistent with their beliefs. Try to communicate more honestly and truthfully.
  4. #Use Facebook less
    A University of Missouri-Columbia study found that excessive Facebook use can harm romantic relationships. This was due to the increased likelihood of Facebook-related conflict, which led to negative relationship outcomes.

Make it a goal for yourself and your partner to use less social media in general. One of the authors of the research also said that it made partners less likely to reconnect with ex-partners on Facebook.

  1. #Use cellphone less
    Baylor University research has concluded that cell phones can harm romantic relationships. It was found that the more frequent interruptions in one person’s cell phone use, the less likely the other partner was to be satisfied in the relationship.

When you and your partner spend time together, set aside time to turn off your phone. By turning off your phones, you can focus on talking and connecting with each other.

  1. #Make Sure You’re Both Sleeping
    A study from the University of California-Berkeley found that a sleepless night can worsen lovers’ fights. A sleepless night increased the frequency of fights. Partners feel more negative towards each other during conflict.

Last Thought on relationships

Relationships can be a source of great joy and fulfillment, but they also require effort and work to maintain. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner and to be willing to put in the effort to resolve conflicts and work through challenges. It’s also important to give your partner the space and support they need to grow and be themselves. Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship takes time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

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