21 Questions for a New Relationship to Go from Fling to Flame

Just started a new romance? Ask your partner these 21 new relationship questions to help you get to know each other better.

Every relationship takes time before it really takes off. It will be very exciting in the beginning, but also a bit scary and disturbing. And to tell you the truth, it’s classic new relationship energy, and it’s totally okay.

But how do you move beyond that awkward and scary “where do we start?” or “What shall I say?” stage?

One way to start is by asking yourself the right important questions.

You probably already know a lot about them, but there’s still a lot to learn about that special someone; His life, desire, hope and ambition. All you need to choose the best questions for a new relationship!

21 Questions for a New Relationship to Go from Fling to Flame

6 questions to get to know you for a new relationship

Relationship questions are important to get to know your new person a little better and what they like. We’ve put together a list of the perfect new relationship questions.

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1. What do you enjoy doing on a rainy day?

Rainy Day Questions to Ask

This question will tap into your person’s interests as well as their curiosities. Find out what they really are.

Do they love challenges and adventure? Maybe, they spend a significant amount of their free time doing things that interest them too. Or maybe it inspires them to share their greatest talents.

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2. If you have a million dollars to spend, what would you spend money on?

21 Questions for a New Relationship

This is a fun question. Let’s say they won the lottery while you are together. It’s awesome to know in advance how your partner would spend it.

Would they be savvy in handling the money? Greedy? Or altruistic?

3. What do you say is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Guilty Pleasure Questions for a new relationship

It can be a funny or embarrassing moment, but it will definitely make for an interesting conversation. Of course, you can get some great intel too.

Does your partner like sweets? Does he like a lot of romantic movies or family dramas?

4. What brings the most meaning to your life?

Relationship Talk of Life and Friends

This question helps you get to know your new partners best and see what they hold dear in Your life. Is it their family? Maybe it’s their friends or cultivating a variety of platonic Love And relationships.

5. What do you usually do to take care of yourself?

Self Care is Important in a New Relationship

includes their Relationship self-care routine for mind and body. Maybe they are into yoga or spending time watching comedy movies. Maybe a few good Funny jokes can Nicely smile them up when feeling stressed. 

6. What things or adventures have you always wanted to do but haven’t yet?

21 Questions for a New Relationship Looking for Adventure

Maybe it’s something you would be interested in doing as well, and you can do it together. 

8 Thought-Provoking New Relationship Questions

Asking new relationships questions will give you a good sense of what your potential partner really wants out of your relationship. Are they invested in it? Are they ready to commit to something long-term?Thought Provoking Questions

When talking to your partner, don’t be afraid to ask a few questions about their last relationship. Both of you can talk about the past and learn from it to make sure this time, you stand the test of time. 

7. Are you in this for the good time or the commitment? 

The Most Important New Relationship Question

This question is a good one to pursue. This is an important question to ask before getting into a committed relationship. Before getting fully invested in a relationship, it’s always important to make sure you’re on the same page.

Having a clear idea of where they stand will make all the difference in how you choose to move forward with your new partner.

8. What does an ideal, healthy relationship look like from your perspective?

Talk the Talk With Clever Relationship Questions

This relationship quiz will give you tons of ideas and steps to take in your relationship. Put everything on the table. Do they prioritize communication in the relationship? How to convince them about their deal breakers?

9. What is your love language?

Talk the Talk With Clever Relationship Questions

The second most important thing is to know about your new boyfriend. Knowing your boyfriend’s love language will give you a clear idea of what specific things he loves the most and vice versa.

Do they appreciate out of the blue romantic texts? box of chocolate? Taking the weekend off?

10. What is your interest going in this relationship? Goals?

Know What You Want

Asking this question to your new beau will show both of you whether your visions for your relationship align. Do they hope to settle down in five years? Or are they comfortable doing the relationship a day at a time and just seeing where things go?

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11. How do you define cheating?

Understanding is Key

Ask them to describe what cheating in a relationship means to them. Your partner may have been cheated on by previous partners, and this is their biggest fear coming into this relationship.

And take this time to set some ground rules for both of you to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

12. Do you believe being self-aware helps strengthen relationships?

Self-Awareness in a relationship

The idea of self-awareness in a relationship is maintaining your identity by being fully aware of who you are, how you feel, and the role you play in your partnership.

13. Would you tell me about the last time you cried/laughed?

Can You Show Your Emotions

This one could be a fun and emotional conversation. But it will give you plenty of insight into your new partner. What makes them tick? 

14. How do you deal with conflict?

Conflict Resolution - 21 Questions for a New Relationship

Every relationship will have misunderstandings, which makes this an important question, especially if you’ve been in an unstable relationship before. Communication is even more important during difficult times, to ensure that any issues are properly resolved.

7 Romantic & Deep Questions for a Serious Relationship

Talking about the future may not be a “new relationship” topic, but it will give you so much insight into how they see the future (hopefully with you in it).

Here’s just one tip – avoid planning a future together, at least not yet.Serious Questions

You might get stuck with your person and get sidetracked easily, but it’s too early to plan your wedding and decide how many kids you’re going to have by the time you’re 35.

But you can ask questions related to their future. Do they have a bucket list before settling down?

As you enter the more serious phases of a serious relationship, this is a good time to start talking about deeper things.

15. If you could plan the most romantic date night for us, how would you want it to be?

Are You a Romantic Person

Get to know a little about their romantic and sensual side (or if they have any). How would they create a romantic evening for the two of you?

Would they prefer a quiet night in or a night on the town? Maybe they love surprises and a great romantic dinner with all the chores. It’s time to find out and add this affair to your list of date ideas.

16. Could you share one secret you haven’t told me about yet?

We All Have Secrets

This could be a start of a fun conversation. But always be supportive of your partner and appreciate their willingness to open their heart to you. 

17. Should we try doing different things on special occasions?

Do You Have an Interest in Trying New Things

Romance is all about maintaining the spark in your relationship. And these questions will help you get closer. Collect these ideas for your next date nights and quality time.

18. What is it like for you to be around kids?

Real Couples Talk About Kids

If you don’t want to scare them off by asking if they would like to have children, ask them first how they feel about having kid energy around. 

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19. What is your idea about the concept of marriage?

Marriage is a Big Discussion Topic

Questions about marriage can often be turn-offs in a new-to-relationship relationship, but they don’t need to be worded exactly. There are many types of relationships, and this question is useful to know where they stand.

Maybe discuss their family dynamics or your family, and find out how they view your future commitment, hopefully to yours.

20. What are your thoughts about moving in together later in the relationship?

When Your Ready to Take Things to the Next Level

It’s not a question of whether they want to be with you right now. But this will give you an idea whether they will consider living together before marriage, after engagement or after marriage.

21. Do you believe we make each other better people?

Couples Bring Out the Best in Each Other

Even if it’s new, if you’re looking for lifelong love, you should bring out the best in each other. Asking your partner these questions will help you assess whether you are in a growth-oriented relationship that is more likely to face tough times.

How to Ask the 21 Best Questions for a New Relationship?

It’s best to ask good questions in a new relationship. But what kind of questions should you ask first? How should you ask them? Because it matters too!

How to Ask 21 Questions for a New Relationship

Try some of these tips:

The best questions to ask are open-ended. Choose questions that can lead to more interesting conversations and stories. But if you need to ask a yes or no question, you can always ask a follow-up question to keep the conversation going.

Avoid bombarding your partner with all 21 questions for a new relationship. Answering all in one sitting may be sufficient.

Ask questions naturally. You can run 21 questions but make sure you ask questions you really want answered. Avoid asking questions just for the sake of it.

Remember that it’s all about communicating and getting to know your partner on a deeper level.

be open minded. Understand that it is possible that your partner’s beliefs and views on life differ from yours. They may also hold different spiritual beliefs.

Asking these questions is a way for couples to find out what they are about, not judge them based on whether your partner believes pineapple is on pizza.

Final thoughts on 21 Questions for a New Relationship

The beginning of relationships is both exciting and challenging. But asking your partner some questions can help prepare you to take things to a deeper level.

After all, only by asking the right questions can you peel back the layers to discover your new partner’s perspective on life, relationships, their hopes and dreams.

What are your favorite questions and discussion points for a new relationship?

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