15 Different Things a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman in Relationship

15 Different Things a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman in Relationship-People Rarely Think About How It Feels When a Man Hurts a Woman. Because It is the Woman Who is on the Receiving End, Not the Man, It is Easier to Sympathize With the Woman. And Although Abuse in Relationships Can Never Be Justified, Trying to Understand the Other Side of the Coin Can Provide a Better Perspective on the Situation.

Jason and I Were in a Toxic Codependent Relationship. The Manipulations Were Served as Dessert at Every Meal. We Screamed, Sometimes He Hit Me, and I Cried When He Avoided Me Because He Felt Guilty. Later He Said Sorry, We Will Be Back, and Life Went on. That Relationship Changed Me. Even After All This Time, I Want Him to Know How Much He Hurt Me.

I Always Thought That if He Apologized, That Was Enough. But Men Feel More Than Just Guilt or Anger After Such Situations. And the Key to Healing Relationship Toxic Messes is to Find Out What Men Feel When They Hurt Their Partners, Whether Unintentionally or on Purpose.

15 Different Things a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman in a Relationship

It is Not Normal for People in a Relationship to Hurt Each Other. Often This is Not Intentional. A Person Can Hurt His Partner by His Words or Actions Even Without Wanting to. Such Misunderstandings Can Be Removed Through Communication. But What if It’s Intentional? Why Do Boys Intentionally Hurt You? Men May Hurt Your Feelings as a Defense Mechanism. If Men Feel Threatened or Unsafe in a Relationship, They Often Resort to Means That Make Them Feel Better or Safer.

In Such a Situation, Men Always Get to Know About Their Antics. They Will Rarely Say What They Feel, but There Will Always Be Some Signs That a Guy Knows He’s Messed Up. By Trying to Understand How a Woman Feels When a Man Hurts Her Feelings, You Can Identify the Reason for Her Insecurities in the Relationship.

1. He Immediately Regrets It

When a Man Realizes That He Has Hurt You, He May Immediately Regret It. Not Every Man is Like This. But a Kind Person Will Regret for Hurting You Because He Knows That Hurting Someone is Not the Way to Express Feelings. If So, He’ll Apologize From the Bottom of His Heart for Hurting Your Feelings.

But Not All Men Are Secure Enough to Admit That They Have Done Something Wrong. Often, This is the Result of Childhood Trauma That Leads Them to Blame Others Rather Than Accept Responsibility for Their Actions. If He’s Not Comfortable Apologizing Because of Low Self-esteem, He’ll Become More Communicative, Constantly Eyeing You, and Showing Other Signs That He’s Sorry for Hurting You.

2. He Feels Upset

Research Shows That Men Have Less Empathy Than Women and May Not Even Realize That They Have Hurt You. Therefore, They Often Rely on Verbal or Physical Cues to Judge Your Response. When There Are No Signs to Tell Them That You Are Upset, It Becomes Difficult for Them to Understand Why You Are Upset.

They Think It is Either a Plea for Attention or You Are Overreacting to Mundane Things. This Bothers Them and Can Lead to Arguments or Distant Behavior. To Be Able to Experience How It Feels When a Man Hurts a Woman, You Need to Make Sure He Knows He Hurt You. The Simplest, Most Effective Way to Do This is to Share That You Are Hurt Instead of Playing Passive-aggressive Mind Games.

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One Reddit User Shared How Her Boyfriend Often Did Things That Caused Her Physical Pain and Dismissed It as a Joke. On Everyone’s Advice, He Talked to Her About It. He Later Updated, “Last Night I Brought It Up and Tried to Convey My Feelings. As Far as I Can Tell, He Was Genuinely Accepting and Apologetic. Hopefully, He’ll Be More Careful in the Future.” Will Be.”

3. He Will Feel Guilty for Hurting You

Guilt Occurs in People When They Feel Responsible for Certain Actions. As a Result, a Man Will Feel Guilty When He Intentionally Hurts You. He May Try to Wash Away This Guilt by Justifying His Actions, Especially When He is Hurting After the Breakup.

You May Also Notice a Tendency to Fix Things, Such as Getting You a New Pair of Glasses if They Break a Pair of Glasses in a Fit of Anger. The Stages of Guilt After Cheating Are Also Manifested in a Similar Way. I Always Used to See My Ex Avoiding Me Because He Felt Guilty, but He Always Gave Me Everything I Needed Without Asking.

4. He is Ashamed of Himself

While Guilt is the Feeling of Being Responsible for a Wrong, Shame is the Feeling of Not Living Up to One’s Expectations. If He Considers Himself a Mature Man Who Should Have Used More Restraint and Better Judgment, He’ll Be Ashamed of Hurting You. Shame May Also Be Rooted in Social Norms Such as Requiring a Man to Be Smart or Gentlemanly. Therefore, Cultural Conditioning Can Also Influence How Your Man Feels About You Hurting Him.

5. When a Man Realizes He Has Lost You, He Gets Scared

Sometimes a Man May Hurt a Woman Because He is Afraid, Especially When He Realizes That He May Lose Her for Good. This Suggests an Insecure Attachment Style, Whereby He Kills His Partner in a Desperate Attempt to Save or Stay in the Relationship. This Behavior is Often Noticeable as Anger About Your Habits or Friends, and How They Are Better Off Without You. In Such Cases, the Man May Be Too Harsh and May Say Things He Did Not Mean and May Repent Later.

6. He Gets Angry With Himself

Toxic Masculinity Has Always Promoted an Idea of Masculinity That Avoids Any Display or Even Recognition of Feelings. As a Result, Men Often Grow Up Without Knowing Healthy Ways to Process Their Emotions and End Up Harming Themselves Physically or Mentally. If a Man Gets Angry at Hurting a Woman, You Will Find Him Hurting Himself as Punishment for Hurting Himself.

7. He Feels Confused

A Man May Experience Confusion After Hurting His Partner When He Has a Lot Going on in His Life. If He is Going Through a Traumatic Event and is Facing Conflict in His Relationship, He May Misbehave Unconsciously. It is the Brain’s Response to Extreme Events. You May Be Confused Because of Your Inability to Remember What She Said or Lack of Focus During the Conversation.

8. When a Man Feels Bad for Hurting You, His Hero Instinct Kicks in.

The Hero Instinct in Men Has Been Called Sexist, but It is a Biological Drive That Men Want to Protect Their Mates. The Hero Instinct Can Be Activated When Someone You Know Has Hurt You as a Mechanism to Protect Yourself From That Pain. This May Manifest as a Desire to Give You the Gift of Forgiveness or a Desire to Do Things That Bring You Comfort.

9. He Feels Like a Failure

This Happens Mostly With Men Who Come From Abusive Families and Try to Deny Their Trauma Instead of Accepting It. When These Men Realize That They Have Been Harmful to Their Partners, It is Especially Difficult for Them Because They Feel as if They Are Being Sucked Back Into the Same Old Patterns They Tried to Escape. It Can Make Them Feel Like They Have Failed. As a Result, They Often Over-compensate Instead of Expressing Their Feelings in Healthy Ways.

10. He Goes Into Denial

Denial is Another Defense Mechanism the Brain Uses to Adjust to a New Reality After a Stressful Situation. Men Are Not Only Upset When They Are Hurt After a Breakup, but Can Also Become Depressed Due to Unresolved Feelings. Denial Sets in and They Refuse to Accept That There Were Problems in the Relationship. In a Situation Like This, a Man Can Go to Any Length to Avoid Thinking About the Fact That He Has Hurt You, Including Blaming You for Ruining the Relationship.

11. How Does a Man Feel When He Hurts a Woman When She is a Narcissist – He Feels Justified.

It is Not Uncommon for Men Not to Realize That They Have Offended Someone. Research Shows That Men Apologize Less Than Women and Do So Only When They Feel They Are in the Wrong. Take the Example of This Reddit User. Her Boyfriend Frequently Shamed Her for Her Weight, Despite Knowing That She Had Previously Had an Eating Problem. When She Tells Him That She Hurt His Feelings, He Ignores Her.

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In the Worst Cases, He Will Berate Himself and Suggest Taking a ‘break’ From the Relationship, Knowing That This Will Scare Him Away. “I Told Him That I Wanted to Work on This Together, That I Didn’t Want Him to Kill Himself About It, That We Could Get Through This Together. Like I Was Comforting Him for Hurting Me.” ,” He Said. Yes – and He Went Anyway.

This Shows a Pattern Where Men May Not Apologize if They Feel They Did Nothing Wrong Even After Hurting You. This is Especially True When You Are Dating a Narcissist Who Often Blames Others for Their Mistakes. Excuse Yourself by Blaming Yourself for Things He Doesn’t Like.

12. He Feels Right or Morally Right

Men Do Not Always Refuse to Hurt Their Partner. Sometimes They Are Aware of the Impact of Their Actions but Continue Brazenly. But Why Do People Intentionally Hurt You? This Can Happen When Your Man Feels Entitled to You Where He Feels It is His Right to Hurt You. Some Religious Organizations Instruct Men to Treat Their Wives or Children as Property and Encourage Them to Abuse Them for “Immoral” Behavior. Men Raised With Such Conditions Usually Hide Behind a “Code” or “Scripture” to Justify Their Behavior and Abdicate All Responsibility for Their Actions.

13. Feels Like He’s Avenging Someone Else’s Wrongdoing

Displacing Emotions is a Normal Human Tendency. When We Encounter Bad Treatment at the Hands of Others, We Often Take It Out on People We Know Won’t Fight Back. This is Called Displacement. This Reddit User Experienced This With Her Boyfriend.

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He Would Take Out His Frustrations on His Father at Work, Not Realizing That He Was Hurting Him All the Time. She Shares, “if I Talk About the Fact That I Don’t Think My Father is Doing This to Him or That I Haven’t Done Anything, [he Thinks] I Don’t Love Him Because I Don’t.” Will Listen What is Going on in His Head.

When Men Feel That They Have Been Treated Unfairly by Other Women or Other People, They May Take This Frustration Out on You. This is a Toxic Trait and is Probably the Reason Why You Cannot Understand Why He Continues to Abuse You Through No Fault of Yours.

14. He Sees It as a Way of Getting Revenge on You for Your Mistakes

This is Again a Sign of a Toxic Person. Someone May Hurt You to Retaliate Against You for Something Done in the Past. For Example, He May Display This Behavior When You Get Caught Cheating. He Would Call It a Way of Balancing Out Your Mistakes. But It’s Only Petty Revenge Because He’s Sure You Don’t Understand What He Was Going Through When You Hurt Him Earlier. And as the Saying Goes, “Revenge is Best Served Cold”, He Will Find Ways to Hurt You When You Least Suspect It.

15. He’s Testing the Limit

The Most Twisted Explanation of How a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman. If He Gets Away With Hurting You, He May Feel Victorious Because His Objective is to Measure How Far He Can Push Your Limits. He’s Looking to See How Far He Can Take You and How Far He Can Push You Before You Break. He’ll Slowly Figure Out All the Ways He Can Hurt You, From Ignoring You, to the Thing That Hurts a Woman the Most in a Relationship – Betrayal.

Such Men Often Present Their Victims as Women With Low Self-esteem, a Small or Non-existent Friend Circle, and Those Who Have Previously Experienced Abuse. This Reddit User Shared That Her Mother Abused Her During Her Childhood, Leaving Her to Deal With the Trauma.

This Trauma Made It Difficult for Her to Recognize the Abuse in Her Current Relationship. He Realized This Too Late as He Had Already Signed a Lease With Her. “Most of the Time He Reacts by Pulling Me Down or Refusing to Apologize Because He Was Drunk or Half Asleep When He Hit Me,” She Said. Given This Behavior, It is Possible That He Continues His Abuse, as He Realizes That He Still Has Unresolved Childhood Trauma.

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